Friday, November 9, 2007

Got The Work Done, Now It's Time To Chill!

Another hard week of training was put in the books, now it's time for me to enjoy my weekend! My homeboy K came in to town and he along with Jacoby, Aub and myself are going down to Miami to hang out. BUT there is something FAR more important going on in Miami. My favorite NFL team is the Miami Dolphins and Aubrey's favorite team is the Buffalo Bills and they just happen to be playing, so we are going to Dolphin Stadium to watch the game. We scored endzone seats with a great view of the action, I'm pretty sure we'll pick up our first win of the season.

Speaking of Aub, he's been on his XBOX 360 pretty hard of late. A new game I guess he's been waiting for called "Call Of Duty 4" came out this week and it's been non-stop action. He pre-ordered the game and was counting down the minutes until he could pick it up. I think there are about 50 track athletes that play it with him too. I don't play video games, but I have hopped on it a couple of times and it seems to be pretty cool. But here's a picture of what he looks like in his room with his XBOX headsets on:

I will get back to you guys later on, hopefully with some good news about us picking up our first win of the season and letting it snowball in to some more second half success!


Ron Bramlett said...

That guy Aub looks like a shady character..