Friday, November 16, 2007

The Past 7 Days Re-Visited

The weekend we had down in the 3-0-5 (Miami area code for the slow ones, LOL!) was great! Had a nice time out on South Beach even though I had one-to-many "Call A Cabs". We had a pretty good time at the game, even thought my Dolphins took another L on the chin (the refs were clearly cheating though!). Aub was happy with the outcome, but he had to walk back to Orlando because I wasn't about to listen to him all the way home on a three hour drive (just joking).
The week of practice isn't quite over for us hurdlers yet as Brooks called a Saturday practice for the real men (110 hurdlers if you don't know). Joel finally made his grand appearance at practice Monday and has been looking good. I tweaked my hamstring again (same one from Osaka) on Monday running some 200's, but I sat down for a couple days and made my return on a day when we were running nine 300s. Maybe I should have rested up another couple of days to get out of that workout! But I'm fine, I found a great massage therapist that I will deal with this season.

My manager Marisa came in town as well and has been hanging out with us for the past few days, it's been great, she's really in to cooking so we have all been eating well. I also want to tell Snake Zilla to keep his head up, your commissary will stay tight while you're up in the bing (inside joke). I'll get back after while.