Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Website Update

davidoliversub13.com is coming along fairly well, a splash video has been added by the head of design, McLean.

Check it out.


ejheat said...

This video is definately rated D.O. and EJHEAT approved with a big EJHEAT OOM-PA-PA because it is an asskicker of a video and super EJHEAT hot! That music almost got me doing my OOM-PA-PA dystonic dance. But, I really need my "Electric Ave." by Eddie Grant from back in the EJHEAT 1980's to get my boogy woogy on like I did on those 6th grade school desks back then! I could shake my OOM-PA-PA back in the day!
McLean has a chance to get my EJHEAT rollaway web bed award all made of orange! He does live in Orange County I think! He's certainly not getting an EJHEAT rollaway basketball bed award! I think he and his teammates need an EJHEAT timeout to rest on my EJHEAT explosive basketball scoring beds with half their bodies on and off the bed so that they can come out of the EJHEAT timeout and score some points! The good news for McLean and company are that they just saved 15% on my EJHEAT Geico rollaway bed insurance! LOL

McLean is on his way to an EJHEAT rollaway web bed award for my Hercules Hurdling EJHEAT Rollaway 6 Pack Bed King in an orange singlet and gray shorts 1st hurdling over my EJHEAT rollwaway beds and then tapping out with half his OOM-PA-PA in spandex to his toes off the bed and his head and tatoo arms and back on the bed snoring the sounds of Electric Ave. in his sleep. What a David Toliver sight! I mean David Oliver! Whatever! LOL

I can tell you that this David Oliver dude is the real deal, MY EJHEAT INSPIRTATION who means so much to my EJHEAT life! Mr. Sub 13is on his way to the world record and Gold medal for which McLean will have to build another golden website while I get that beautiful golden world record king size EJHEAT rollaway bed off from EJHEAT layaway!This deserves an OOM-PA-PA web section on the EJHEAT award winning David Oliver Hercules Hurdler website with David, McLean, and EJHEAT with half our bodies on and off the Geico saving insurance EJHEAT orange rollaway beds! Your D.O. EJHEAT comic relief blog father has spoken! That is the bottom line because me and OOM-PA-PA dystonic dance Coach E said so!!!!


LaLa said...

Alright, we're ready for it my man.