Thursday, June 11, 2009

What's Been Up?

Absolutely nothing.

I haven't posted in a while, basically because nothing much has been going on.

I wake up at 8am, go to practice, come home eat and lay around watching TV and on the internet the rest of the day. That's been it in a nutshell.

I was suppose to leave today to go race in Berlin this Sunday, but I had some hamstring tightness last week in training and Brooks said to heck with racing, so I'm not going to compete. I wish I could have run, but this race in Berlin is not the important race in Berlin. That will happen in a few months.

So I've just been training and getting ready for the trials at the end of the month. I will run somewhere next weekend though. I'm feeling like a caged animal, I want to compete, but I think Brooks knows that and is keeping me locked down.

Can't you just feel the excitement building? It's about to get real in them streets!!

Me and little Brooks hitting the ice bath today after a tough workout. Combine that workout with 100 degree heat, getting in 45 degree water doesn't hurt so bad!


Coach said...

Thank you for posting a pic in an ice bath. We make our kids take them but we still have some doubters.

ejheat said...

Aunt Celest, QT, and LaLa, make sure you all read my thank you in my comments on Tuesday under the Art Gallery D.O. post! The good news is that the last couple of days I have been feeling better than I have in quite a while thanks to your and other people I know prayers! I still am not feeling good enough to do much though. But, I will take what I can get at this point.
I thought about you all and you, David, too today when I read my Upper Room Daily Devotional that my grandma always sends to me! A great read and so inspirational especially during tough times! This guy from Victoria, Australia, named Alison Mason had a great devotional for today called "A Watered Rose." He uses Isaiah 58:11 It's all about a roses beauty and how it starts as just a bud and becomes a beautiful rose! He stated that becoming a Christian is like this. Without Christ, we "are limited and small" but once we have been "united with Christ (Phil.2:1) our loving Savior, we unfold and expand like a rose. In Christ we can become full and rich in compassion, spreading the fragrance of love.
I always say that there is so much beauty in this world that we need to make sure we see everyday when we look all around. I love to look outside in my neighborhood and look at all of God's beauty that he has surrounded us with in nature. I love to watch nature at work outside around my house in Lakeland all the time. It helps me forget about this evil world we live in today that is going down a 1 way dead end street!
Nature is great therapy for me and commenting on your blog David, as I said before is my ultimate therapy. Even when you say your up to absolutely nothing it is absolutely everything to me! I can never say enough how much I love you, David, and all my David Oliver family from this blog. It keeps me going everytime I want to give up and quit along with my Upper Room Daily Devotionals. You all should get The Upper Room and read it!
Oh yeah, LaLa, QT, and Aunt Celest are my 3 beautiful roses in our wonderful David Oliver blog family!
David, I hope you can race wherever next weekend so that you can tune up for the big races coming up at the end of the month and be the asskicker by being the #1 Topnothcher 110m hurdler in the world in Berlin so I can yell OOM-PA-PA! Our German family reunion is July 11 in Western PA. I always look forward to the women and young girls when they do the Topnotcher song and routine! That is what I learned in my EJHEAT school! Hopefully, I will be feeling well enough to go to this reunion.

Oh yeah, the EJHEAT rose rollaway bed is ready for you David when you are a thorn in the side of your competitors in Eugene and Berlin and wherever else you race! Remember how you started out as a little bud all those years ago and now you are 110m beautiful fully bloomed rose that is ready to rumble! Of course you have to have the upper half of your body on the EJHEAT rose rollaway bed and the OOM-PA-PA half of your body to your toes off the bed..LMAO!

Finally, I loved this picture of you and Little Brooks in those cold tubs. Little Brooks looks like he does not like being in that cold tub! David, you look like you are doing your daily routine in the cold tub and just glad to cool off from all that EJHEAT, I mean outside nature heat! Whatever! Now I would make you laugh because I would put on my wetsuit and jump in that cold tub. I am goofy enough to do something like that! I love doing goofy stuff and getting silly! I really would do that! You got to try that sometime David putting on a wetsuit and sitting in the cold tub. This would be so funny and I will sit in the other tub with my wetsuit. I will have to create an EJHEAT cold tub rollaway bed. EJHEAT combined with cold would really create a warm tub EJHEAT rollaway bed with half my EJHEAT body off the bed! I am getting real silly now, but oh I love joking around with you, David, on your beautiful rose of a D.O. blog! Funny stuff indeed! That is the bottom line because me and ravishing rose Coach E said so!!!!


shuoqing said...

Looks like u were enjoy that cold water.thank you for the update.

Anonymous said...

ice baths....mmm....nope, I do NOT miss those...see the expression on ya boyz face? yep,! bitter memories! heh.

LaLa said...

Thanks for keeping us posted. We're interested, even when you're not jetting all over the world.

Eric, big hugs!

QT said...

Er, uhm, yeah, the ice water thang, you can have all that! I don't ever think I have wondered what it is like to be an ice cube until just now, LOL!

Aaaaanyway....thanks for the post and uh you know I gotta say it....LAKERS BABY!!!

ejheater :) ...happy to hear things are better, all in due time eh? Hang in there on those rollaway ice beds, you're killin me! Big luv QT

Anonymous said...
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andre said...

yall both look a lil concerned