Monday, June 1, 2009

Thanks Sam Flax Art Gallery

I have been meaning to post this for a while, but thanks to Cory and his staff for helping me to commemorate my Olympic Trials/Olympic Games experience. Him and his staff took a lot of time and effort putting together these shadow boxes for me. It took them about 2 1/2 months, they did a great job.

Thanks fellas, now if I can only get my commendation certificate back from you guys! LOL


Coach said...

Those are really really nice!!

I am so proud of Dwight Howard and the Magic.

ejheat said...

First of all, thank you LaLa for thinking about me and asking D.O. if I was okay. It is nice to know that somebody was wondering where I was and if I was okay! God Bless You LaLa and I am giving you a big EJHEAT hug and much EJHEAT love for caring about me! I was extremely sick with way too many things to mention! I kept asking God why he keeps me on this earth with all my pain and suffering from all my horrible health issues! Being a part of this D.O. Blog family with people like you LaLa along with my family and closest friends are why God keeps me on this earth! I really find out who really cares about me during these tough, difficult times! Please pray for me!
Thank God, today I finally feel decent enough to type and let everyone know what is going on with me. 2 of my many health problems over the past few weeks has been vertigo dizziness and migraine headaches! I can not be on the computer with this condition. It got so bad one night that I could not even watch tv! I just hope I go a while without this hitting me again. It looks like I have meniere's condition on top of my dystonia condtion! I have know idea how much I will be on my computer anymore! I had so many other horrible health conditions that you probably could not imagine having all at the same time. Pains on top of pains. My mom has no idea how I have so much tolerance to all this pain! If you or David saw me you would have been horrified at how sick I was and looked! Just awful! It really puts into perspective what is important in life! Everyone MUST be GRATEFUL instead of complaining all the time! It really pisses me off when healthy people, as well as, all these pro athletes, actors, singers, celebrities complain all the time about non important things!

I am very sad to see the demolition of the Wesley Sunday School and Activities Building at my old church, 1st United Methodist Church in Downtown Orlando! The city doesn't even have enough money right now to build the perforing arts events center and to pay the church for the land. What a big disaster! I am so sad over this because I have many wonderful memories in that building playing music with my clarinet in our wind ensemble, activities with young adults night including playing volleyball in the gym and social dinners that was in this beautiful building of God back then! This was before I got bad with my dystonia condition! I just wanted to cry when I saw a picture of a wrecking ball ready to knock down this beautiful building! This is so wrong! It just breaks my heart!

Now to some comic relief because I really need it right now! It has been so long since I last wrote comments on here that my backyard went from a desert 3 weeks ago to a tropical rain forest. 18 consecutive days of rain here in Lakeland and 19.31 inches of rain in my electronic rain gauge in those 18 days! I was about to get out my EJHEAT rollaway water beds and wet suits! Actually, it is great news for the long term drought condition, and great to see green grass and bushes again!
To you David, this artwork portfolio is all great, but they left out one thing! My Olympic king size red, white, and blue EJHEAT rollaway bed with half your Bronze medal 6 pack body on and off the bed snoring the the sounds of the national anthem!
By the way, Skip Bayless has nothing on me! I am more funny than him in my sleep! I think I will skip getting an EJHEAT rollaway bed for a hot, skip, and a jump, or whatever that Sayless, I mean Bayless guys' name is on ESPN! Although, can you picture the hot, skip, and a jump Sayless Bayless with half his body on and off the bed! A horrible site indeed! I think Skip better get his bed at Payless for Bayless! He might be funny as Hell to you with his Devil horns on, but EJHEAT better be more funny as Heaven to you, David, with my Angel wings flying over Evil Sayless, I mean Bayless! Whatever! I will stomp Sayless out and into the ground and that is the bottom line because me and Angelic Coach E said so!!!!


Aunt Celest said...

All I can say is what a year, and
your friends were able to put that
year in a frame. Just looking at it has to make you smile. Are you going to hang it near the art work that Dan did for you? You now have three beautiful pieces of art. Thanks for sharing it with us. EJHEAT glad to hear that your still with our David Oliver
family fan club. My GOD continue to provide you with the strength needed to tackle your illness. I will keep you in my prayers.

Treasure said...

Very Nice.

Anonymous said...

Blue is definitely better.

Anonymous said...

Great job doc!

QT said...

Prayers EJ, to be able to live a god-given, pain-free and very healthy life...hang in there champ!

David...very, very nice. Amazing how they captured so many wonderful moments and memories in two frames!

Can you imagine your family generations to come looking at this saying "wow, my great, great great (something) was an olympian, one of the world's fastest 110M hurdlers of his time!"

So very blessed. enjoy

LaLa said...

Man that is beautiful. I think I'll get something like that made for me. Don't know what will be in it, maybe I'll coolect some of my fun memories or give one to my parents filled with things from our childhood. You've got my creative juices flowing.

Eric SO glad to see you back. I'm sorry that you have been in pain. You have a strong spirit and I strongly believe that there will come at time "when no resident will say I am sick". (Isaiah 33:24)

ejheat said...

Thanks so much to Aunt Celest, QT, and LaLa for your thoughts and prayers for me during these difficult times with my health! It goes beyond what words can say how much this means to me! You certainly are special women in my life that I am grateful and thankful that God has brought into my life because of this blog! I keep you all in my thoughts and prayers everyday!

I can tell you that prayers and my angels in heaven saved my life last Thursday! I was going to go into my bedroom closet to get something I wanted on the floor. For some reason, my angels were telling me not to go into my closet at that moment. So, I decided to go into the living room and sit in my chair. Moments later I heard a loud crash and thought the back of my house was falling in from the loud noise! I went into my bedroom and found my entire long top shelf that goes all the way across my bedroom wall closet had collapsed and what a mess I had in my bedroom closet and bedroom floor near my closet! Who knows when I will get this mess cleaned up! I don't have the energy to deal with all of this mess right now! But, I am so thankful because God and my angels were looking out for me because that long shelf, and everything on it including hanging clothes would have fallen on top of my head as I would have been crouched down on the floor to get what I was looking for, and I would have been injured, maybe knocked out and killed! A complete miracle and yet another time being close to death along with all my illnesses!

I am like a cat with 9 lives with all the close calls and near death experiences! Too many to tell here!My biggest near death experience happened back on March 17, 2005. I actually left my physical body from an extrememly severe flu that I had, and 1 of my angels in heaven, Rick, who is the son of my dear friend ,Sally, who reads this blog! Her son, Rick, appeared with his voice telling me that I had more to do on this earth, and it was not my time to go yet! I came back to my physical body and the rest is history! By the way, my nickname is Rick given to me by my mom! All my life, from childhood when I should have died from being stung by a nest of bees that stung me so bad that nobody could believe that I survived! Thank God I was too young to remember this near death experience! I was told how I was covered from head to toe with bee stings!

So my faith in God, angels in heaven, and standing up for God and what is right in this world has saved me time and time again thanks to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! The devil keeps attacking me, but I will continue to stand up for God and what is right in this world no matter what the cost as I continue to stomp that stinkin devil into the ground! That is the bottom line because me and stand up for God Coach E said so!!!!