Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Shout Out

Wishing one of my very best friends, Lance Gross, a happy birthday. Although we already did it big on the birthday weekend, you'll be on your own today out in L.A. LOL! Hold it down. Make sure you send some twitter updates on what's going down tonight.


Aunt Celest said...

Happy Birthday to Lance. What a nice picture of the both of you.
Two every handsome young men. How do you know him? Were you child-hood friends, did you go to college together, or did you meet
later in life? You such look fit and well in that picture (LOL). I'm not sure how this blogging thing works, but are you allow to answer me back if I ask you a question. Don't laugh if this is a silly question. You young people probably know the answer, but I'm older and clueless. Hope you received my blogger about my grand-son Justin. He so much wants to see you. He wanted to take you out for lunch, but I told him now your pushing it. Grand Ma will be satified if he could just see you. He's only nine and so excited about qualifing to run at Disney were his idol King David Oliver practices. Your the reason why he made it to Disney. He wanted to see you more than anything.
Any way, glad to see your looking well and back in business again.
Take Care,
Aunt Celest

Aunt Celest said...

Hey David,
Justin didn't medal in any of his events, but it was a good experince for him. He didn't run his race. He didn't get out good and you know the rest of the story. I told him it's always next year, and he can try again. He's only 9 and he has many running years ahead of him. Of course being 9 he thinks it the end of the world. Thanks for being an inspiration to him.
Aunt Celest

LaLa said...

You and Lance look so happy. It's nice with your busy schedules you get to see each other.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday babes