Thursday, July 30, 2009

Calf Update

Hey, I am finally glad to be off injury reserve!

I was due to race in Monaco on Tuesday, but while in Monaco, I saw down with Brooks and my manager Daniel and they thought it best that I just wait to race. I had to agree with them. I was right on the cusp of recovery, so it was unwise to push anything this early. Brooks felt that there would be nothing gained by trying to rush the recovery and start racing. I have six races lined up beginning in late August so he felt that that is more than enough of an opportunity to have a successful season.

I don't want to return to the track and start running slow and start loosing races to people that I feel I have no business loosing to. So I headed back to the States and I have a solid month to get uninterrupted training in. I can get back on my feet and get the confidence back that the calf can respond to whatever demands I place upon it and regain my form.

When it comes to these type of situations, I feel that I need to be very smart about it. To me, my reputation for the product that I place on the track everytime I step on it, is more important to me, than trying to nickel and dime myself through meets trying to pick up a check. Nickle and dime individuals get nickle and dime results, that's a statement that I always make. I feel as long as you've got a reputation for having a great showing of yourself, you will be able to cash far more checks in the long run. I worked hard for that reputation and I'm not going to give it away easily, you know people have very short memories when it comes to this sport.

Anyway, Daniel had me pick up another first in my life, I had never been on a helicopter, so he put me on a helicopter to the airport. I took the seven minute flight to the airport instead of the 40 minute drive. It was amazing, I was just hoping we wouldn't go down in the sea!!


Joice said...

Hey Kid
How you doing?

That Heli ride is great.
My first ever was the same trip


Reality said...


Your benefit: Making those wise decisions . . .

My benefit: Seeing you run your races reflecting poetry in motion {{{{{shaking head}}}}}}}

Our benefit: Exercising patience

Results: Your victories and admiration from your truest fan! Handle your business!

Reality from the ATL ;)

ejheat said...

First of all, thanks to everyone for the e-mails and kind words in this D.O. comment section! I am so incredibly humbled by how many of you have told me how much you enjoy reading my comments here! Your encouraging words and prayers got me to and from Pittsburgh with a very successful trip to see my family and friends. My grandmother was in her glory for her 90th birthday party and she got more teddy bears including 1 from me! She has been collecting teddy bears for more than 20 years now and has the biggest collection of teddy bears in all of the Pittsburgh metro area! The Pittsburgh paper did an article about her and her teddy bear collection! My niece, Olivia, played the sax for me and very well! She played the Castles and Kings march and of course I thought about you, David, the king of 110m hurdles and in late August that will be seen and heard again with a loud OOM-PA-PA from me when you get back on that track and kick major OOM-PA-PA! I'll have a nickel and dime EJHEAT rollaway bed for your competitors while you get the shiny dollar coin EJHEAT Castle and Kings rollaway bed with some saxy music called Castles and Kings with teddy bears marching you and your OOM-PA-PA off the track in style on your EJHEAT rollaway bed with half your body on and off the bed!LOL

It was a very emotional moment for me while Olivia was playing since I can't play my sax anymore from my dystonia condition! I also got to see my long time friend from high school, Keith, and we talked for 2 hrs at my old stomping grounds at Eat'n Park in the North Hills of Pittsburgh! So many wonderful memories in that restaurant there and at the Penn State Eat'n Park in State College! I also got to play gynn/knock-rummie card game with my grandfather! This is our favorite game to play! We have been playing this game since I was a kid and I'm 38 now and of course I kept the tradition going with me winning 3-1 in 4 games! I just don't know how I keep getting so lucky to beat my grandfather! He and I are German so all I can say is OOM-PA-PA!

By the way, if anybody else wants to e-mail me, feel free to e-mail at . I respond to everyone who e-mails me! Believe me, with my dystonia condition typing gets really tough, tiring and painful! I'm trying to use my left hand more but not easy for me since I'm right handed! Since you are left handed David, I need to steal your left hand. Can I just steal your entire body in exchange for an autographed EJHEAT rollaway bed with my dystonia right side of my body with half my body on and off the bed? LOL

I am a person who strongly believes that when somebody takes the time for me that I should return the favor! It really bothers me when people don't respond back to me when I take the time for them! I always remember people who treat me good and I remember people who treat me bad and blow me off! I don't have a short memory to people who treat me good or bad. I remember forever! I can say that this D.O. blog family is second to none for treating me good! I love you all and you all are awesome! OOM-PA-PA! This is the most loyal,loving, caring group of God that any blog could possibly have! David, you are so blessed to have the most loyal fan base on earth an we all have no short memories of your accomplishments on and off the track! I am so thankful to be a big, loyal fan of yours and your friend! Your blog father has spoken! I can not live without this blog or all my beautiful fans and friends who enjoy reading my comments on this blog. I have some real good stuff in store that will have everyone I hope laughing their OOM-PA-PA off before your welcome back race in late August! That is the bottom line because me and OOM-PA-PA Coach E said so!!!!


Aunt Celest said...

Wise choice on behalf of you and your coaches. Glad to see that your health always comes first and
for most. Can't wait until you get back on the track.

soreloser24 said...

yup. keep it 100. No sense in reaggravating it. Get healthy, bro. I know you're dying to be out there. Stay up.