Friday, August 7, 2009

Taking Baby Steps...

Everybody that knows the "Big Guy", knows that emotion is something that I RARELY show, but yesterday was an instance that I couldn't control and felt like posting about.

While I was out at the track for a training session yesterday, I wasn't too sure how things were really going to shake out. I went out with what I wanted to get done in my mind, but you know how when you plan something out in your head, it rarely goes as planned. Things end up looking a whole lot better "on paper" than they actually turn out in reality.

With this said, I wanted to get back to some serious hurdling in training. All of us athletes know that the hardest thing to overcome in regards to a serious injury is actually the mental part of it. Tears, bone breaks, sprains and strains all heal with time, but it's something about the process that takes place between your left earlobe and right earlobe that is the hardest to get past.

I have been training and working out very hard, but I had yet to take it up a couple of notches because I was apprehensive about the possibility of a re-injury, but I ended up just saying to hell with it, it's no better time to see what I'm feeling like than right now.

I placed 16 hurdles up on the woman's spacing and told myself lets see what happens. I started out five stepping, just to see if something would go wrong. I was good doing that for two reps, then I made a decision to spike it up and let's hit it. I was able to go full speed on my calf for multiple reps, spiked up, three stepping and it felt like I had never left.

When I got through the first rep, about 150 meters from where I started, I got a little teary eyed. Yeah, you read that right.

This might have been the happiest I felt on a track EVER. I wasn't emotional in winning and Olympic medal, winning U.S. championships, running sub 13 seconds, making my first team, whatever you can name. In all of those situations, I was still able to compete. Even if I came fourth at the games, never made a team, never had an all-time performance, I was still able to compete. Being injured and not able to do what it is you want to do, is harder to overcome than any on track performance fault. At least when you're able to compete, there is always another race tomorrow to get it right.

Anyone that's been hurt knows that when you get over that first hurdle post-injury is the biggest step, giving you the confidence that you will be OK. During the workout, I was running out of gas around hurdle 12, but that was the least of my concerns. My hands were shaking while I was trying to send Brooks an email informing him on what I was able to do.

Even with all these off track issues, air conditioning going out at my house AND my car, my main computer being on the fritz, my Blackberry is tripping and personal heartache, I will keep my eyes deadlocked on what it is I need to do to make a successful comeback. Everything is looking right on track.

Bottom line is: I LOVE MY SPORT


ashanti said...

aww. there's no progress without struggle. (hug) you gon' be alright. :)

Blessed_Always said...

A newcomer to your blog. It sounds like your journey is a very special one. May God bless you to keep that positive attitude and accomplish all of your wildest dreams.

Erin Michell said...

I have no doubt that you will make a successful comeback and be stronger than ever both mentally and physically!!! The trails and tribulations that you overcome make achieving your goals and ending up where you want to be off and on the track so much more gratifying :-) You will get there!!!!

LaKendra said...

Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not. Nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not. Unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not. The world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence, determination, and hard work make the difference.
Calvin Coolidge

Keep pressing toward the mark!

Anonymous said...

Good to see you back in the game. Keep up the work and the king shall be back on his throne in no time

QT said...

Praise His Name!! Not sure what God is preparing u4 David, but he humbled u 2 tears of joy at that moment likely 4 some gr8 is clear that there are still accomplishments 2b made by u on the track! At a min the recollection of this monumental moment can always make u smile.

I have been there as an injured athlete attempting to recoup the "mental loss". And while I was by no means a professional (at least at that point :), it is an amazing feeling as a once injured athlete 2 find urself "back on track"...unstoppable faith was my gift from the situation...i pray that ur gift from all this is just as amazing.

HawaiiTropicAL said...

BOTTOM LINE: What is for you is FOR YOU. Nothing, not even you can take away GOD's blessings and destiny for you. You can only delay it...and delaying is not something you can allow yourself to do. May your Blessings overtake you.

ejheat said...

It is good to see you show some emotion and sharing it with everyone! That deserves a big EJHEAT emotional OOM-PA-PA for the "Big Guy"! There is nothing wrong with being teary eyed about something your so passionate about! I really think me and Coach E are rubbing off on you subconsciously without you even realizing it! I was major emotional teary eyed last Saturday when I got notice in mail that I got fully favorable decision from disability judge! I could not believe my teary eyes! I still have to keep reading it over and over to believe it! This long 3 years of hell process in Florida with everything imaginable going wrong is harder than winning powerball and a lot less money! 3 appeals, 2 hearings later and so much hell, health problems, and heartache in between, I finally won! Patience, perserverance, and determination no matter how tough things get really are key! My patience has come a long way from where it once was and slowly but surely, David, your patience is getting better! 2 things the "Big Guy" I know has a lot to work on is your patience and how to show and share your emotions with others. These 2 things me and Coach E have been working on with you from my comments and tweets to you are paying off! As you continue to work on these 2 things, it helps me and Coach E continue to work on these 2 things together with you so we can both get better at this! The whole disabilty issue has showed me that things happen in God's time and not our time! God does answer prayers! The amazing coincidences and people that came along at just the right time shows God is with me and everyone at all times! The fact that my claims rep is Mrs. Oliver says it all! What are the chances another person with the last name of Oliver would be my claims rep here in Lakeland for my disability. Absolutely incredible! The whole thing is a miracle and God brings people together for a reason!

Just remember, David, how good you have things even during injuries and other life problems!Things don't usually go the way they should or we want them to go on our paper! It all works out on God's paper! At times, all of us forget how good we have things in life until we don't have these things anymore! My dystonia disease has showed me this the hard way! You are incredibly blessed David! Your comeback is going to be better, more appreciated and meaningful for you than ever because of all these adversities, and you showing your emotions and sharing your emotions with everyone! I got EJHEAT emotional rollaway twin beds for both of us so we both can have half our bodies on and off the bed with tears of joy rolling along with half the tears on and off the bed and us yelling I LOVE THIS SPORT! Laughing my dystonia OOM-PA-PA off! Your Blog Father Has Spoken! That is the bottom line because me and emotional tears of joy Coach E said so!!!!


Aunt Celest said...

I can tell by your blog that you can't wait to be back on the track again, and we can't wait to hear about all your accomplishments. Keep your positive attitude, and continue working on your dreams.

Brianna said...

I know EXACTLY how you feel and I am happy to know you're back on track.

Carla Ino said...

I'm catching up on my reading...this post was beautiful, seriously. Although I'm not an athlete,
I think most of us can relate to the feelings you described. Plus, your regular readers know what a challenge this injury has been for you. I can imagine how frustrating this has been for you, focusing on healing when I'm sure you'd rather be competing. Well the good news is, the King is back to resume his reign!!