Friday, August 21, 2009

Update From Germany

I am updating from Germany, I arrived here on Tuesday to see the doctor and get final clearance for my attempt to return to the track for racing.

When the season started, I planned on being in Germany at this time, but my destination was Berlin, not Munich where I am currently. We all know how life throws you curve balls, so I'm swinging for the fences like Albert Pujols and getting ready for my homerun trot!

Everything is clear, scans look good and I'm itching to get back out.

How about the World Champs?

Usain Bolt? Doing what he did twelve months ago, but even better! He's great for the sport. They are having a segment on him right now as I type on ESPN's Mike and Mike in the Morning.

My friend and genuine good guy Dayron Robles was injured again, don't know what it is with the hurdles lately, but we haven't seemed able to get the best guys in the World lined up on the track at one time in years. Hope he has a speedy recovery.

A guy who was on nobody's radar at the beginning of the season Braithwaite, wins the hurdles gold. He was my pick once Robles went down even though that went against everything I believed. I just never think I guy who has never been in a final before wins the hurdles on a world stage and I wouldn't pick a guy to even make a US team in the event if it's his first final. But there are always exceptions to the rule, this is the first I can remember.

I feel like I am watching the CARIFTA games, LOL! In 2007 in Osaka, the carribbean islands on 16 medals, 4 gold, they have 17 already and 7 gold. It's three full days left and they aren't done. Goes to show that in this sport, things change faster than Bolt runs 100 meters!

Team USA had 14 golds in '07, we've got a measly 4 now, maybe we will be able to at least get half of that total this time around.

P.S. Please can the USA managers put Terrence Trammel on the first leg in the 4x1!! (Trammel-Wallace-Doc-Tyson can compete with the Jamaicans I think, given everyone's healthy)


ejheat said...

It sounds like the D.O. Mickey Mouse vacation is about to finally end! I actually have some funny things that I was thinking about to go along with your Mickey Mouse vacation, but I think I'm going to hold back and wait to possibly do this before your next blog about your upcoming race. Talk about the itch, Coach E is driving me crazy with the itch! He keeps screaming D.O. get your blankety blank blank OOM-PA-PA going over those hurdles kiddo! I'm running out of itch cream for Coach E! I don't know what I'm gonna do with Coach E. He gets so cranky these days! Of course, the loving, caring me always puts the grumpy Coach E in his place when need be and calms him down! I put some extra EJHEAT OOM-PA-PA in his itch cream! You should have seen how he was movin his OOM-PA-PA in those tight Coach E shorts he wears! What a scary sight!

As you know, the life of EJHEAT is a constant curve ball, but I fight and fight for what is right, wait for the opposing pitcher to make a mistake with a fastball right down the middle of EJHEAT's hot hitting zone, and that ends up being an EJHEAT grand slam homerun! It's time for you, David, to hit the grandslam homerun over those hurdles and show the world that your are the best 110m hurdler in the world! When you win, I'm gonna start doing my EJHEAT dystonic dance celebration to my favorite 1982 song "Electric Ave." shakin my OOM-PA-PA with a twist in Coach E's shorts!

Speaking of Electric Ave., that really should be Bolt's theme song along with my EJHEAT dystonic dance celebration would be 1 amazing video! Coach E could itch his way to making an appearance in the video as well with you,David, on my EJHEAT Electric Ave. rollaway bed with half your body on and off the bed snoring the sounds to the beat of Electric Ave. Talk about pounding the EJHEAT pavement! That rollaway bed would be bouncing up an down for sure with the wheels spinnin roun an round! That would be the D.0.- EJHEAT electric rollaway bed shock heard and felt round the world!

I heard that today is Bolt's 23rd birthday! So, Aug 21 is a big, historic special day for both you and Bolt for different reasons, but something I find very interesting and ironic, and a day I will always remember when it comes to my man King David Oliver!

I was really pulling for Braithwaite to win yesterday! There is something about that kid that EJHEAT likes. It was great to see him come out of nowhere and win it all! I really want to see him go up against you! That would be a great race and throw in Robles as well with all the top 110m hurdlers at the same time! Hope that happens next year! I wish Robles a speedy recovery as well! A healthy Oliver or Robles could certainly beat that winning Braithwaite time of 13.14 yesterday. Payne and Trammell really disappointed me with their times yesterday! I think they should have done better, but congrats to them for medaling! They certainly are not my special David Oliver! When I watched that 110m hurdle finals, I just kept thinking about my man David Oliver, and how it just wasn't the same with you not in that race! You will be in the WC finals next year because me and Coach E said so! Your season really starts now for next season in my eyes! You need to use these upcoming races as a springboard into next season!As you know, EJHEAT needs you to keep me going during my tough times! Everything you do means so much to your blog father! Your blog father has spoken! That is the bottom line because me and itchy tight shorts Coach E said so!!!!


Aunt Celest said...

I totally agree with you on the line up for the 4X1. That line up
with give us a running chance. Never count anyone out in track. Anything can happen on any given day. Glad to hear that your healthy, and getting back in the game. Your health and well being comes first. EJHEAT you stay strong too and know that all the Oliver fans pray for you daily. Stay strong, and be blessed!!!
As you would say, Aunt Celest has spoken (LOL)