Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tallinn Results

First race back, picked up a W.

I ran 13.46 (-0.6w) in less than ideal conditions. I could care less about the time, I know that I need to build my race callousness back and get back in to the swing of things race wise. I am just happy that after a near four month layoff, I was able to finish the race pain free and win.

Now this competition is nothing close to the caliber of individuals I will be racing on Friday in Zurich, but I needed a starting point. On the flip side, all these guys competed in the recently run World Championships. Brooks and my main focus was to get a marker which to work from. We were treating this meet like it was the Disney Invitational in March, I'm basically starting all over again. Next meet will be like the Florida Relays.

Today, my start sucked worse than usual and my technique started falling apart toward the end. I was basically "thuggin'" it. I was able to run down everybody within the first few hurdles aside from Shamar Sands who I didn't catch up with until way late in the race. He finished second with 13.50.

Everyone who knows my style, knows that I will get better when I get a couple of races under my belt and get the competitive juices flowing again. I will clean up the certain areas I need to, but like they say "Rome wasn't built in a day", well this comeback won't happen overnight either.


Ms.Mia said...

Thought this was Perfect for you... =)

Difficult and easy
Can you define easy? What makes one task easy and another task difficult?
What one person considers difficult another person finds to be easy. In fact, difficult and easy are largely what you define them to be.

Do you see certain accomplishments as out of reach because you assume that they're too difficult? Perhaps it's worth looking again, knowing that you have the power to decide what is difficult and what is easy.

When you take it easy, then you have the power to make it easy. When you make it easy, then you can get it done.

Though the job may be complicated and challenging and demanding, you can choose to make it easy by the way you think of it. Instead of avoiding what you assume to be difficult, you can dive right in to what you decide is easy.

Choose with your own thoughts to make it easy. And you'll choose to make it happen.

-- Ralph Marston

ejheat said...

Breaking news from the EJHEAT track and field news desk:
To all the other 110m hurdlers out there: You better beware because the "Big Guy" is back back back and going going going gone over those hurdles faster than a speeding baseball bullet over my right-center field magic EJHEAT fences in the days, months, and years to come! He is my Hercules Hurdling Hero, King David Oliver! Man, I love this guy! What a man! Oh yeah, again to all you other guys in the 110m hurdling field on the track, he's back!!!!

I was so happy for you, and so proud of you my man! You were not the only nervous one all day yesterday before the race. You should have seen me and Coach E before the race. We held our breath, and we had a big inhale and exhale when you won this race. Your time did not matter. We were just so happy you won without any incidents and came out healthy. Coach E held his breath so long that he ripped his tight Coach E shorts! Not a pretty sight! I had to get his emergency pair of shorts for him. He has been wearing those same old tight, stinky shorts for years, and the only thing he really owns besides these tight shorts are some bell bottom pants and a leisure suit! He loves the good old fashioned days! Coach E had his baton ready to smack your OOM-PA-PA if you did not win that race. He was real happy when you won, put his baton away and quickly put my emergency shorts on that I got him. Of course, the caring, loving me got goosebumps when you won and wanted to give you a winning handshake and hug, as well as, a job well done D.O. over those hurdles pat on the OOM-PA-PA! I stay away from Coach E's baton. I think Coach E sleeps with that baton while I sleep next to my favorite dog Scooby Doo everynight! There were many Scooby Dooby Doo's when you won from Scooby howling Kingy Davie DO's. Scooby loves you too. He even took time away from Shaggy to watch his favorite King David Oliver!

I got you a special inhale/exhale EJHEAT rollaway bed for you so you can kind of relax and calm your nerves now that your 1st race is out of the way! This bed just keeps reminding you to relax with inhale/exhale exercises while you have half your body on and off the bed!

Your blog father is so proud of you, and I say this is your 1st hurdle on your way to that EJHEAT right-center field magical day in August 2012. Your 2nd hurdle is in Zurich to work on your start and technique. The time will come with time. Sub 13 is in your future! Coach E's baton will get you movin and groovin your OOM-PA-PA over those hurdles in record time!

I was so happy when you won that I did my EJHEAT dystonic dance celebration with my OOM-PA-PA twist! You should have seen me movin and groovin my OOM-PA-PA. Shake it, Shake it, Shake it! The EJHEAT dance floor sure is smokin hot! My dystonic dance celebration will just keep getting better and faster with my sub 13 future time with a much bigger OOM-PA-PA twist with each hurdle you pass with flying colors called gold when all is said and done over all 10 hurdles to be completed on that EJHEAT right-center field magical gold day in August 2012! But for now, it's the Golden League of Zurich that you need to pass with flying hurdling colors and a "Big Guy" win on Friday! Your blog father has spoken! And for you Aunt Celest, Aunt Celest has spoken! Aunt Celest gets an EJHEAT spoken award for that awesome saying! That is the bottom line because me and good old fashion plate Coach E said so!!!!