Monday, August 31, 2009

Zagreb Grand Prix Action

Another day, another race.

I feel like I am getting right back in to the swing of things. This is how I am suppose to be spending my summers! Not at home chilling out! I thank God that he brought me through this little impasse, I was at serious crossroads a few times about whether to continue an attempt to run this year or just scrap it and pick up in 2010.

At these competitions, I don't know why everyone feels it's their duty to start of with some variation of "Man, I know you gotta be hot seeing the results in the hurdles from Worlds...." when I first see them. But I tell them the truth, I could care less. When you are seriously injured and trying to make it back, your priorities change as does your focus. I tell them that I am just happy to be out there again, whether it was at Worlds or a race at Disney, I don't care.

I am also an individual who doesn't dwell of things that I can not control. Once I got hurt, everything went out of the window and the singular focus was to get healthy, I wouldn't have cared any more if somebody was breaking the world record every race.

I'm back out on the track tonight in Zagreb, Croatia. I ran here in 2006, came third right behind Allen Johnson (13.19) and Dayron Robles (13.20), I ran 13.23. In this race, I will be competing against the world champion Brathwaite and Joel is here too.

My focus is to run better here than I did in Zurich, to continue building race after race. I believe that I will be successful in that attempt.

We go off at 8:05 local time (2:05 est).


ejheat said...

Of course I wanted you to win today, but finishing 2nd place is just the next stepping stone as you contiue to lay down the foundation brick by brick to the ultimate goal in August 2012! I'm glad you didn't scrap this year and take the easy way out! All the adversity will pay dividends in the end! I think I have some expertise on adversity after everything I've been through in literally life and death situations. Your blog father has spoken!!!!

To all the people who think you should be hot about the World Championships results need to understand that there is a lot more important things in life to worry about these days than who is the World Champion in the 110m hurldles or breaking records in any track event or who's winning any sporting event in this world period! I felt lousy and slept most of the day today and sleep did help me! Unfortunately, during my sleep, I had bad dreams about very dark days in our world and our country in the months ahead! As my mom knows and can verify, most of the time my dreams have come true when I have had these types of dreams before! Hopefully, these bad dreams won't happen like what happened in my dreams today. Regardless,This world better get their head out of the sand and realize what is really important and get prepared! This nation and world has got to turn back to God! God is the only answer for us all! God saved my life this year and several times before! He keeps me here for a reason after everything that has happened to me in my life!

I'm sorry I don't have any jokes or funny things to say today, but it just isn't appropriate based on the horrible dreams I had today! I will be back with funny comments for sure on my next comments to hopefully get everybody laughing again! That is the bottom line because me and take a vacation day Coach E said so!!!!


QT said...

Prayers for all that you want and need and more...