Saturday, August 29, 2009

Zurich Post-Audit

I went out and caught a serious L last night.

This was the first race I lost since this competition last year.

I finished way down in 5th place, I can't remember the last time I finished so low, but I met all of my main objectives for the competition. I banked another set of ten hurdles in competition, I'm still healthy and I ran a better race than I did in Tallinn a few days ago.

I ran 13.33, so I'm moving in the right direction. I started the race poorly, got back in the mix, then kind of ran out of gas at the end. Aub put it quite simple, he said it was as if I had run three separate races in one. I will get my race rhythm back soon, I just have to stay patient and continue to run my lane.

I am catching a flight in a few hours to Zagreb, Croatia for my next competition that will be on Monday. Joel arrived there from Orlando this morning, so it will be good to have someone there to practice the hurdles with, it was about late May the last time we actually trained together. The opportunity to get next to somebody and actually feel the rhythm is key, we always think we're running fast until you get next to somebody else.


ejheat said...

I really think the adversity of that Zurich meet yesterday will be the turning point to much success for you down the road. I was just so happy to see you race live on the internet. I'm your loyal and true fan and friend forever! As you know, I will always be here for you in the good times, the bad times, and the ugly times. Here is something interesting that I noticed yesterday when they showed the SB and PB times for all the 110m hurdlers in this field which was the best field of participants I saw all year in the same race! David, you had the best SB time this season out of all of them. This shows me that you are really the best of the bunch when healthy, and in the flow of your race competitions. I also noticed that only Trammell had a sub 13 time like you did for your PB time ever! This makes a "Big Guy" statement on how great you have been, and can be in your great future to come ahead down the road for my Hercules Hurdling Hero! Aub was right about your 3 races in 1! I noticed how you got a bad start, and then picked it up only to just run out of gas at the very end, but with your great lean you almost caught David Payne at the end! That other David is really a pain for me because he just edged you out again! Nothing against Payne, but I know you are the better David in this 110m hurdle competition, and I know that you, Oliver, are going to be a pain in Payne's side in future races, and move ahead of him and beat him during head to head competition with him! The World Champ Braithwaite being next to you and false starting, I think, did effect you a little bit. I can't wait till they start that new false start rule next season! I believe that if there was not a false start you would have finished in the top 3! I think that really hurt your concentration from just coming back for only your 2nd start, and any future false starts will not have the same effect that this false start did on you! Let's face it, Thomas came out of nowhere to win this race and have his SB and PB time ever! I do believe that you are much better than Thomas! I think that Trammell and of course a healthy Robles are with you as the top 3 110m hurdles right now, and I got to throw David Payne and Brathwaite into the top 5 as of right now because Payne did just edge you out again, and like I said this is gonna change, and Braithwaite won in the World Championships. Your gonna win the World Championships next year, and eventually break the WR, and show the world that you are the best ever in the 110m hurdles, David Oliver, on your way the next 3 years to 110m hurdle domination, and that golden special day for you and me in August 2012! Your blog father has spoken!
Me, Coach E, and Scooby Doo had a blast seeing you live in action yesterday! Scooby was howling up a storm just before you ran, Coach E had his baton ready, and it was Heaven on Earth for me as I was so emotional watching you on that track again live with tears of joy in my eyes! When that false start happened though, I was as pissed off as Coach E was while he threw his baton at the computer screen. Thank heavens he missed his target!
I got an EJHEAT W shaped rollaway bed for you waiting in Croatia because you are not an L to me, you are always a W to me! This W Winner shaped bed just fits you perfectly with half your body on and off the bed snoring W's up a storm instead of L's, and not actually getting a lot of Z's but instead lots and lots of W's!I also got a WBJ shaped EJHEAT rollaway bed for Joel! A welcome back Joel bed so that he can train with you snoring up a bunch of W's to help push his training partner,D.O., to get "Big Guy" W's, and this will help the "little guy" out, as well, to do his best and get W's instead of L's! You know Coach E will be smackin you and Joel on your OOM-PA-PA's if you don't push each other to do the best! I know that you will push each other to be the best you guys can be, and Aub is always in the mix as well! So it's all good for Team EJHEAT! That is the bottom line because me and Coach E said so!!!!


Anonymous said...

It's all good, bro. Keep your head and keep it moving.....the King is on his way back to the top!

QT said...

WOW, D.O., did u look at your time closely??? 333...very spiritual number...

The Unity and the Trinity of God, the incarnation, the passion and death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

I would look at this as your resurrection, just a matter of time b4 ur right back in the game and even better!

CRAZY DEEP...just keep ur head in the game as you have been, we all know u r meant 2 do this and God knows ur intentions and desires. Just b patient, have faith and pray! We'll do the same 4u...big hugs!