Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Sorry for leaving you guys hanging for so long, I think this might be a record for length between posts, but a lot of things have been developing over the past week plus.

Right now I am in Germany getting treatments from a world renowned doctor for my calf. I had great training sessions going, but I still didn't feel like I was where I wanted to be, so I flew over this past weekend to get checked out in advance of the London Grand Prix competition which was suppose to be my European opener.

Let me rewind a bit, I got an MRI on my calf as well as other doppler screens earlier and all of the tests came back negative for a tear/pull etc. So we just went the normal treatment route and it was getting better, but like I said earlier, it wasn't feeling like it should to me. So once I arrived in Germany, the doctors did an ultrasound screen of my calf and it was clear as day that I indeed did have a tear in my calf when I did it some five/six weeks ago. It was about 2 inches in size. But during that whole time I took about 10 days off and was still training like normal. The doctor said that training on it was a good thing because it promotes healing in the area and it wasn't like I was overdoing it. I was also getting regular treatment, so it is healing fine.

I planned on flying out of here Thursday to go to London, but he wants me to play it safe and stay here for treatment throughout the entire week. He has cleared me to race in Monaco a week from today, but he wanted to monitor my progress and not rush anything so he has advised me to sit out the London meet, which is not a big deal to me. I just want to make sure that I am totally back before I step foot out competitively.

It's pretty cool here as well, I've been training in the Olympic Stadium which is a very nice facility, plus there are several track athletes here as well, so we just kick it all day and get treatments. It is amazing to me how thorough the doctors are here, it's no wonder everybody comes out here when they get hurt. You better believe where I will be if I ever get hurt like this again! (Let me knock on wood! LOL)

If anything else develops you will know! Keep on praying for me...


Aunt Celest said...

Hey David, Hope you continue to have a speedy recovery. Thank GOD that you have the time and resource to get the best care. I was beginning to worry about you because you hadn't posted anything in a long time. Miss hearing from you and reading EJHEAT comments. Take Care
Aunt Celest

Reality said...


Now don't go tearing nothing up on that fine body :-)

Take it easy while healing!

Reality from the ATL:)

tme301 said...

Wishing you the best!!!

tme301 said...

Wishing you the best!!!

ejheat said...

So you finally updated your blog! Get with the program Oliver! You got to update your blog for your blog family more often kiddo! Me and Coach E are going to be all over you smacking you on the OOM-PA-PA like a cheap rollaway bed or should I say like a cheap body suit! Whatever!.. LOL... Your blog father has spoken!

This is the Pittsburgh area EJHEAT blog comment edition! My nephew, David, and niece, Olivia are here from New Jersey(Philly area) with my mom and dad. My brother,David,is coming to town with the rest of his family this weekend for my grandma's 90th birthday party! Oh yeah, all these David's in the world! We are going to have to get a world wide collecton of EJHEAT rollaway beds so all the David's of all ages can have half their bodies on and off the bed!... LOL...
I was here at the house with Olivia last evening while my parents took David to the Pirates-Brewers game! Olivia is 11 and she plays the sax because of me! I'm so flattered! She drew a picture of the sax for me on the computer last night and said I was special and her favorite guy! Olivia is such a sweetheart! I'll have more on this Pittsburgh trip in later comments when I get back next Tuesday.

I guess those German doctors are really Topnotcher for you and are kicking major OOM-PA-PA! Hopefully now you can be good for your next meet! The venue of your next meet keeps changing with time! Hopefully next week in Monaco it will be ready, set, go for you! I got some real good stuff for you that will get everybody laughing before you start the next meet! Stay tuned everyone! You all are going to be laughing your OOM-PA-PA off! I can tell you all that Coach E is getting real antsy and is going to whip our boy, David, into race day shape! He thought Brooks was tough! Wait till Coach E gets hold of him! David is going to be moving his OOM-PA-PA as fast as he can over those hurdles!

Enjoy your time practicing on the track in the Germany king of OOM-PA-PA land! You know I'll be praying for you! David and everybody else in the D.O. blog family please keep the prayers coming! I appreciate everybodies support and encouraging words! They have helped me so much and got me here to Pittsburgh area to enjoy my family and friends! I care about you all and love you all very much! That is the bottom line because me and Coach E said so!!!!


QT said...


So happy to hear you have a true professional working on you. I wish you the very best and much success and patience in your recovery.

I partially tore my ACL at 18, went back into the game a few weeks later despite doctors and my parents orders (i.e. lied to my coach), it was a rainy game, I slid while running and then completely tore it. My coach wouldn't even speak to me, she was so disappointed! I was too stubborn and niave to see the forest for the trees. I had blown my full ride scholarship and potential career behind trying to control my destiny. We were state champs, should have been enough at that point, but I was never satisfied.

In the end, I decided not to reconstruct my knee after listening to the orthopedic's premonition that there would not be a pro womens soccer team in my near future. I lived in Atlanta, which was still "the south" back then and "we" were not well represented in this sport at that time. 6yrs later they started a national women's soccer league, and 12 yrs later a pro team. So he was kind of right, but just goes to show how medicine and the art of healing our intricate bodies has changed so very much.

I continued to play soccer despite my setback. I also continued rehab and prayer and didn't give up on me or God. To this day, doctors can't believe I am still the athlete that I am. I will get surgery this year as over time our bodies do change as we still are overcompensating for a lost body part, none the less, I have had a great time in between and know when to say when.

I wish you the very best in your career path. When I look at you and other Olympians, I think of how amazing it is that you are 1 of 63 people that have earned an olympic medal in your sport of expertise, assuming the 110M hurdles have been a sport for all XXI Olympics? Either way, this is an INCREDIBLE accomplishment, so this small setback is nothing in comparison!

Enjoy Germany, the new people you meet and pray for wisdom behind this situation.

Ms.Mia said...

Hey, U take care of yourself. I admit, I've been missing your posts. Please keep us informed of your progress, and for sure I'll be praying for you.
Take Care Chipmunk