Sunday, July 25, 2010

My 13.01 In Monaco Race Video

After watching the race video, I'm loving my lead leg mechanics! I was just watching my first international competition on youtube, the 2005 Reebok Grand Prix and I've come a very long way!

On another note, I was pretty disappointed in the commentators outlook on Robles' injury. They have no idea what he's going through, but I understand it's their job and when that red light comes on that says "record", they've got to say something attention grabbing. I'm just not a fan of people that make assumptions based on hearsay instead of true facts.

Enjoy the video!


Aunt Celest said...

Your looking Good!!

Tara said...

David...when did you "know" that the hurdles were your calling out of all the sprint/hurdle events?

Cai Ying(from shanghai)kathy said...

Dear DO

I have watched your competition in Monaco on CCTV5 which was live video at the morning 3:15 o'clock --of Beijing time.

I felt that you have a little nervous?I noticed that at the beginning ,you had the deep breath.

and you hited several hurdles.

Please take it easy.Be relax.

have the confidence.

I'm sure you will do better next time.

I guess that you will break the world record in the World Cup Field and Track.


make a wish!

good luck!

yours sincerely
Kathy -Cai Ying
from shanghai

LaLa said...

How awesome was that!!!

Anonymous said...

ausome run!