Sunday, July 18, 2010

My American Record Race Video

Paris Diamond League


brownbarbie said...

that was freaking awesome! i would have watched but i didnt know what time it came on.

ejheat said...

Now that you have the official American 110m hurdler record, I'm gonna make my comments 12.89 seconds long being EJHEAT short & sweet! Your blog father has spoken!!!!
You get even brighter & faster neon lights on your EJHEAT Eiffel Tower King shaped rollaway bed to add to your DO collection moving at 12.89 seconds! Zoom, Zoom, Zoom, & ZZZZZZZZZ's for you with 12.89 parts of your Mr. Essence Sobefit body on & off the bed! That deserves 12.89 OOM-PA-PA & Hoopty DO chants on the DO scale along with me & Coach E doing our dystonic dance blue baton celebration with our 1's in the air, too, & our OOM-PA-PA hip swivel twist & shout! That is the bottom line because 12.89 dystonia dance celebraties me & Coach E said so!!!!


Claude said...

David, just saw a re-run of your AR race and its even more impressive the second time viewing. I noticed that while your reaction to the gun was kind of slow, your power out the blocks and foot placement were great! You really attacked the 1st hurdle, your lead leg snapped really good which seemed to pull your trail leg through quicker than I've seen in your other fast races. Even though you hit some hurdles, you rhythem was great, clearance and timing superb and speed between hurdles awesome. While not the perfect race, it surely highlited the few "weak" areas in your race model. Brooks has done a masterful job in preparing you for this season!!


LaLa said...

Daaaang D!! Amazing, you looked so emotional. What was going through your mind as knelt down??

wendi said...

You go boy! Great Job David. I love to watch you run you are so driven and I can tell you have complete tunnel vision towards 12.85 you'll definitely get there.

Remember with GOD all things are possible.

Reality said...


You are showing out and I haven't missed your performances. I'm having trouble posting to your blog for some reason. I'll make this short but you keep up the great work and I'm so proud of you!

Your truest fan
Reality from the ATL :-)