Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Show Goes On..

Unlike most sports, in track and field after our Championship event, whether that be USA Champs, World Champs or Olympic Games, the season still goes on.

For me, the train has stopped in Eugene, Oregon for the Nike Prefontaine Classic.

After the National Championships, I flew out to the Nike campus in Beaverton, Oregon and had a great time out there basically resting and recovering.

I got in to Eugene on Thursday and I've been fairly busy since getting in, but I've enjoyed every moment of it.

The high school Nike Team Nationals were held Friday night, so myself and Shelly Ann Fraser were invited guest to judge a talent show between the competing teams. The teams sent in videos and we were on stage judging them "American Idol" style. It was a very good event!

I got today started with a great breakfast at the Pancake House, then had a meeting with Nike footwear, they're putting your boy together some more spikes, ones that won't drop until 2012, they look hot of course.

Friday afternoon I had a press conference to attend along with greats such as Bernard Lagat, Tyson Gay, Allyson Felix, Jen Suhr and Fraser. I thoroughly enjoy answering questions from the media. One thing that is shocking to me is how people seem to be surprised with the times that I've posted this season. All I do is remind them that my body of work at this point in the season in 2008 was much faster than at this point now. I tell them that I feel I'm just picking up where I left off in '08 and could have done the same thing last year if I was healthy.

That's the one thing I know about the sport and always have, it has a VERY short memory.

After a great practice session, I co-hosted one of my favorite events, Win With Integrity. Susan Hazzard does a great job putting this event on every time. At this event myself, Joanna Hayes, Ian Dobson, Natasha Hastings and Ato Bolden entertained the group of a couple hundred kids.

It's important to me to do my part in giving a little back to the community. Kids look up to us and I think we all have a background that at least one of the kids can relate to and you never know which one of the kids you may touch and inspire.

It's going to be an early start to the day tomorrow, I run at 1:45pm west coast time. It's an adjustment for us because 95% of the time, we don't run until the evening. The good thing is, I just came off of a meet where we ran early, so it won't be too much of a big deal to me.

I haven't competed in Pre since '06 so I'm looking forward to the competition tomorrow. I love the crowds at the meets here in Eugene, they definitely earned the title of "Track Town USA". I have great memories of this facility, the last time I was here was for the Olympic Trials in 2008 and I would have to say that was a great experience for me.

Every year, Nike has a world wide initiative. Last year it was cancer and select athletes wore the "Livestrong" uniforms, Lance Armstrong's brand. This year, we'll be rocking red shoe laces as a Nike (red) AIDS initiative.

So the Sub13 specials are ready to go!

Catch the meet on NBC tomorrow from 4:30-6:00pm eastern time. It's great fields across the board, this should be one of the best meets of the year.


Anonymous said...

The Pancake House rocks! Welcome back to Eugene and the Pre! The NTN event was awesome tonight...especially with that rainbow at sunset. I love all the interviews with the kids. They are so sincere and genuine. We'll be seeing some of them at the Pre someday too! Have a great race tomorrow and go for that record! We'll be cheering for you! Jo

cai ying (from shanghai) said...

haha ,I got sofa.

darling ,good luck tomorrow.

I'm sure you will be the champion.

you are the best.

cheer up!

your NIKE shoes is beatiful.haha

I think it is comfortable.

Cai Ying (from shanghai)kathy

Larry said...

David: Comment please on your choice of shorts & singlet vs. a speedsuit or compression shorts. Style or substance?

Ellen said...

HI Ellen from Sweden leaving a messages. Your awesume and I just saw your race in Eugene, it was amazing. I wish you all luck in the coming compedition and hope that you take the worl record. I saw you in Glasgow on the aviva international match, I competed for Sweden in 60m hurdels. And you was very hot ;). Wish you all luck/Ellen

M said...

Congrats on your win today!

habadabadoo said...

Good race D. You in a league of your own at the moment boy.
One Love from London.

cai ying (from shanghai)Kathy said...



you are the super hero!

you are great!


I'm sure you will got the new world record in the near future.

I become more and more love you!

Miss One In A Million said...

Congrats on winning your race and being named Athlete of the Meet. You are an amazing athlete. I wish you continued success.