Sunday, August 19, 2007

Osaka Update #1

It's Sunday night, I'm just finishing up my second day off from training. I finished my first three day cycle a couple days ago and man it was tough. Training went well, the first three days consisted of a lot of race modeling and conditioning. It was tough because I was doing things I haven't done since before USA Championships, but I felt great doing it. I couldn't wait to get out here to get back to training with Brooks, he has me poised to make some real noise here, I am feeling just as confident now as I was back at USA's, I knew he would get me back right mentally as well as physically. We are at training camp now, we're right by the airport but about 45 minutes from Central Osaka where the Athlete's Village is. We will be moving there on the 21st. I haven't been doing much aside from training, hanging with the other athletes and getting worked on. The food isn't great, so me and Kenta have been going to this mall they have, eating authentic food but finishing it off with an American twist with our Starbucks runs.

The people here are great, they had a welcome party for us last night where they had cheerleaders and a band perform for us. When we go to do our workouts, there are hundreds of people out there watching us and they have to pay the facility to get in! I had never heard of anything like that before. This has been a great experience thus far and I am very thankful that I was able to perform at USA Championships to make it here, we all know how hard making the team as a 110 hurdler is in the States.

On IAAF they have a fantasy contest for the World Championships at, where you have to choose 10 men and 10 women from 20 different countries. It's pretty hard, but I was able to manage and I made myself a team that's looking pretty unstopable if I must say. It's not final yet but my team consists of:

Women: Isinbeyava (PV), Halkia (400h), Vlasic (HJ), Gomes (TJ), Felicien (100h), Hellebaut (HJ), Obergfoll (JAV), Ostapchuk (SP), Mutola (800) with Veronica Campbell (100,200) the captain of my team.

Men: Murofushi (Hammer), Atkins (100), Liu (110h), Bekele (10,000), Hooker (PV), Pitkamaki (JAV), Saladino (LJ), Alekna (Disc), Kemboi (3,000 Steeple) and you know who's captain of this ship, D.O. (110h)!

Go to the website and sign up, it's something fun to do. Until next time.......


MOS MOS said...

Good luck My Man, I'll be rooting for ya! Actually guess what, I freakin' have you in my fantasy team! So you better kick some butt! GOOD LUCK Dave!

Rican Hurdler said...

man what you doing? how you not gonna pick yourself for the fantasy team in the 110s? haha anyway good luck out there man!

Coach Raby said...

Tell Kenta to get after it. It just takes one. He'll know what that means.I was his high school coach.