Thursday, August 30, 2007

World Champs Semi-Final

Ran 13.42, didn't make it to the final. I didn't fully trust my leg and paid for it. I came out slow and by the time I realized I was going to be okay, we were at hurdle 4. I brought it in as strong as I could, but it wasn't good enough. I wish I could go back and get the start that I would have wanted to get, but much like in the game of life, our races don't come with a rear-view mirror, you just have to suck it up and move on.

I'm very disappointed, leading up to the prelim race, I was having some wonderful practices and feeling very prepared, but to have anything distract you, especially at this level, you will get beat.

I am glad that my hamstring is fine, the medical staff are saying that there is nothing structurally wrong with it, there is some inflammation that was causing the discomfort. My range of motion was normal when I was getting worked on before the race. I just lacked the confidence in it I needed to succeed.

Well my World Championships are over, now I will turn my focus to cheering like hell for Terrence and Payne in the final tomorrow night, I hope they take the top two spots in whatever order. I'll continue to get treatment while I'm here to get rid of any symptoms and you will see me run in Zurich!


Rashad Grigsby said...

Congrats David just for making it this far being a competitor myself, I can only imagine how bad you wanted it but its all prep. for Beijing. Just paving the way for the Olympic story of the hurdler from Howard that took Gold ya dig!

Anonymous said...

I'm proud of you. you worked hard and even though things didnt turn out the way you planned you didnt give up. Take the experience and learn from it to make you an even better person and even better hurdler. I know you'll still end the season on a high note with your races coming up. you kept faith in God and faith in yourself, success will be the end result for you. Love you

Al said...

Hey david thanks again for your advice at the disney wide world of sports. Your tips for hurdling have really helped me out at practice these past few days. Thanks for the workout advice and im sure you will do great wherever you run next man. Thanks again bro.