Wednesday, August 29, 2007

World Champs First Round

Damn, that's all I can say. I tweaked my hamstring practicing about a week ago, took a few days off and came back feeling good. I had a great warm-up, but going in to hurdle #5, it kind of grabbed on me. I ran 13.66, good enough to be the dead last qualifier. I'll be in heat 3, lane 8 in the semi's with Liu Xiang and Robles in my heat. They are taking top 2 and next 2 fastest to the final. My hamstring is feeling okay now, I'll be treating it for the next 24+ hours and see how warm-ups go tomorrow night, I don't have any other option but push to it to the limit tomorrow.


Rashad Grigsby said...

Lets Go D.O. 1st qualify for the final and then go ahead and take the gold!

laura said...

Hey D.O. Best of luck!! We're rooting for you back in the States. Remember you're taking us to the Olympics when you go. We've never been to Bejing, we're looking forward to the trip!

Love Ya Brother!
Courtney and Laura