Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Berlin Race Video

I couldn't find the race video anywhere, so I just recorded it off of my tv, I had it DVR'd, so I had action. These announcers are funny too, they always are saying off the wall stuff, "I have shoulders like coat hangers","I'm Phil Jackson", "I run like a refrigerator", I never even knew refrigerator's ran, "I'm the American Record holder", these guys are clowns. I want to clearify one thing too, I don't know where these people keep coming up with this I said "if I got a better start in Doha, I would have broken the World Record". What was said was "if I got a better start, I could have gotten close to the record". I never said it either, I wrote it in an email to my manager, how it got out is a mystery to me and how they are quoting me as saying that is a mystery as well. Now they want to ask me about it all the time, so I never really answer the question. I'm not too worried about running a World Record, I just want to be on the Olympic Team, if that happens in the process, I surely wouldn't mind!

1 David Oliver 13.19 20
2 Dayron Robles 13.20 16
3 Ryan Wilson 13.30 14
4 Joel Brown 13.52 12
5 Thomas Blaschek 13.57 10
6 Sergiy Demidyuk 13.58 8
7 Gregory Sedoc 13.65 6
8 Andrew Turner 13.71 4
9 Erik Balnuweit 13.84


Anonymous said...


Don't let those commentators' opinions matter for one second because a woman like me sees it totally different.

Them: "He has shoulders like coat hangers."

My translation: He must be a Taurus . . . with that "fine" build . . .

Them: "He looks like Phil Jackson."

My translation: He looks like an Olympic God.

Them: "He runs like a refrigerator."

My translation: Look at the strength and power executed with such grace . . . Dang he FINE!!!!

Most men just don't know what to say when watching you in action, so they say silly stuff!

Your newfound fan,
Reality from the ATL :)