Thursday, June 26, 2008

I want to thank my boy Mc(Lean wit it rock wit it) Cromer for the new header action, I changed the colors up on the blog to match this year's NIKE uniforms.

I'm finishing up the last few practices left down in Orlando, Brooks has already headed off to the trials with Tiffany Ross-Williams and John Capel.

Just wanted to drop a quick update, I gotta get back to finishing tapping Aub-Rida out in the online Family Feud game. I shut him out last game and I think Joel is beating him right now.


Brianna said...

ask your boy if he wants to make me a header too. tell him i said pretty please. mine is so boring compared to yours.

Claude said...

David, 1st: wish you god-speed in your endeavor at the trials. 2nd: Focus! Get out the blocks, relax and you'll be ok. 3rd: Dont complicate things by thinking to much; you have the talent and its will be a matter of you executing.

Claude (ever think about it, we're both Angel/Bisons)

McLean Cromer said...

Lean wit it, rock wit it....snap yo' fingers....LOL. Good looks on the header love! Tell will cost her 1 million dollars....LOL!!!!! Just kidding!

Anonymous said...

The banner is hot. Good look on the colors too.

Best wishes with everything!