Saturday, June 14, 2008

Clermont Meet Results

It was a pretty early day for the crew when we shook from 4700. Clermont's about a 45 minute drive from our house to the facility. I hit the meet and dropped my $30 entry fee, which was funny, it doesn't even cost that much to enter in to the Olympic Trials! Other than the U.S. Championship events, I can't remember the last time I paid to run at a track meet. The competition had prelims and finals, so here's the rundown:

In the prelims, I ran a pretty easy race, just trying to work on some technical aspects and I ended up running a wind-aided 13.16. Brooks commented that I was doing some impressive things in the middle of my race, which was the main focus. Joel and Aub ran in heat two, Joel edged out Aub 13.33 to 13.35, their race was legal wind. That's a seasons best for Joel and Aub's second fastest time of the season. It's crazy how I'm always catching the wind aided races, just like in Greensboro, out of four heats, mine was the only windy one.

We had about 45 minutes until the finals went off. It was Aub in three, me in four and Joel in five. I was thinking, this is just like in practice. The gun went off, we all three hit the first hurdle, Joel ended up falling. That threw me off for a hurdle or two, I ended up hitting at least three hurdles. I finished up in 13.10 and Aub ran 13.31. The race was legal, 1.4 wind. As I'm typing this right now, I can hear Joel in the shower screaming. Anyone who has fallen in the hurdles knows the feeling he is having right now. Trust, I feel his pain. In Oslo last year, I tapped myself pretty good, here's the pics. Aub has the finals video on his camera, I will upload it to the blog when he downloads it to his computer and sends it to me.

The prelim race was clearly the better race, I just have to learn to use better technique when I'm running at velocity on a more consistent basis, but that's what training is for and I will be working on that before the trials.

The meet had several great performers competing, Veronica Campbell rolled out in the 100 prelims running 10.88 (1.2) and the 200, Wallace Spearmon (20.40 chilling) rolled out in the 200, Mark Jelks(10.00w, 10.04 legal) and the high school kid Jeff Demps (10.03w), did their thing in the 100, Natasha Hastings won the 400 over Dee Dee Trotter in a good battle down the stretch. This was a great tune up meet for everyone in a prelude to the trials.

Results at

I'm just going to post up and watch this NCAA meet, I'm calling Jason Richardson in the hurdles in 13.17


Coach D said...

You were wrong on the 13.17 but right on the name. Too bad Akins smashed the last 6 hurdles, not sure JRich would have caught him otherwise.

Nice day at the office for you. You know you could let folks know about some of these meets, we might come visit sometimes. It gets lonely out here on the West. ;)