Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Update

That picture right there explains exactly what I have been doing basically the entire time I have been in Denver.

It's so great to be around the family. I hadn't seen my brother since this time last year and I love any chance I can get out of Orlando and see my family

I've been doing my normal thing out here, going to the mall, watching tv and sitting around joking and talking.

Sunday at Church, I was honored by the Glen Anderson Foundation for touching the associate pastor's life in a positive way. That was a shock to me, I didn't even know I was up for that.

Kelvin, Lee and myself sat around and watched the NFL games Sunday night, they both saw their dream of winning the fantasy football championship go by the wayside. K lost to Aub-Rida 86-77 and Lee took an L at the hands of McLean 116-96.

Monday, I hit the basketball game with some of the male leaders from Church, Mr. Cobb, Mr Walker and Mr. Ron Green, my mentor and someone I have always looked up to. Lee and Mr. Walker's son Jerrin accompanied us as well. We had a great time out there.

I finished up my Christmas shopping this week, I'm not usually a last minute shopper, but I didn't feel like bringing all that stuff with me. I knew exactly what I was going to get before I left Orlando, so I didn't really spend that much time out.

I'm going to resume my position, laying around like I don't have a back bone.


Coach said...

Enjoy the rest of your holiday and the rest of your time with your family. Be BlesseD

LaLa said...

Isn't he just the cutest?! Curly hair and all. Glad you are relaxing and spending time with ya people.

Lady Tee said...

Merry Xmas.. Enjoy the holidays with your friends and family.

Bernard Oliver said...

Happy Holiday Namesake,

Glad to see you home enjoying friends and family. Please give Bren my Holiday wishes and regards. May 2009 be even more productive for you and yours than 2008 was.


shanti804 said...

awww your nephew is the CUTEST! can i babysit? LOL j/p

i've been doing the same. being lazy. it's fun.

Aunt Celest said...

Hey David,

Your nephew is so cute! I can tell by the picture that he enjoys you as much as you enjoy him. Just sit back and relax, and
enjoy your family.

Aunt Celest