Saturday, December 13, 2008

What's Going On?!?!?!?!

...........A whole bunch of nothing is the answer.

I know I have set a personal record for amount of time between blog posts, but there hasn't been anything of note going on in the life and times of D.O.

Training has been going well, but these Saturday A.M. practices have been killing me!! I've went over hurdles twice and that has had my legs on fire. Trying to get that muscle memory back and the rate of turnover has me waking up asking myself why do I put myself through this?!?! That is until I walk in the living room and see that Olympic Medal.

Brooks went to some sort of camp in Las Vegas and said they had a lot of videos of your boy to dissect, so I'm sure I will have a lot of the stuff that I do in the race SWACKED (swagger jacked combined) by whomever was there. But I feel good knowing that I didn't reinvent the wheel based on someone else's performances, just invented myself by listening diligently to Brooks.

I know that I will run my first race of the year up in Gainesville at the University of Florida in late January. I'm pretty excited.

I'm also excited about getting away from Orlando for a little bit, I'm going back to Denver in a few days for the Holidays. Seeing the family is always great.

My Dolphins are tied for first in the AFC East, we've got a very good shot at the playoffs.

My Denver Nuggets are killing too, the number two seed in the West. I was happy they brought back another Denver legend in Chauncey Billups back and got rid of Allen Iverson, whom I was never a fan of.

On a sad note, my fantasy football team finished stinking the joint up this season and we missed the playoffs for the second year in a row. Maybe next year we will have a Miami Dolphin like turnaround.

The house hunt is finished, I haven't gotten a closing date yet, but it should be sometime here in the near future. That has consumed a whole lot of time as well. Gathering the necessary documents and all that due diligence is really exhaustive.

Other than that, I have spent a lot of time in my usual position, laying in the bed with the 4700 uniform on (do-rag and gym shorts). Until next time.......


Terica said...

Congratulations on the house!! And good luck on your first race!!!

Coach said...

Enjoy your rest/training. You deserve it and January will be here before you know it. I know that '09 will be great for you. (world record year)
Our team is trying to 3-peat in 09.

Aunt Celest said...

Hey David,

No matter how much news you have to share with us "big or small" it's always good to hear from you.
Enjoy your down time. You had a great year! Are you coming to Penn's this year? If so, I can't
wait to see you and Aub. You made
me the talk to the high school last year. All the kids teased
me all the way home about you and Aub talking to me in the stands.
They wanted to know how you and Aub knew Aunt Celest. You know I had to add a little to the story (smile). The girls think your the most beautiful guy they ever saw. What they don't realize is that your beautiful inside and out.
Their teenagers and only the outside counts.
Aunt Celest

magic1luv said...

Do you know the exact date of your race at UF. I'm a big fan (and a UF student) and would love to see you compete in person. God bless; take care.

David Oliver said...

January 24th Gainesville, FL

Treasure said...


I love it!, I am sooo going to find a way to use that in a sentence today.

Congrats on the house pics when u close.

Boooo to your Nuggets...Lakers ALL DAY!!

Lastly don't feel bad about not posting in a minute...I too have been off my post game. I'm sure we're not alone. It is afterall the holidays.

crappieman said...

Just talked to your Mom and she's so excited you're coming home for Christmas, she's BESIDE HERSELF! I'll be coming by, so have the new address ready. I can come visit without staying at the MOTEL 6! "Uncle Steve" in Denver.

ejheat said...

I have been laying in my Jansen Jungle bed so much lately and sleeping and dreaming in my ejheat uniform so much that I have not felt like typing the last few days. Congrats on your new house. Remember, I told you I would pray for you to find the right house and God is about to reward King David with his castle. By the way, every bit of D.O. news is always something to me. I enjoy every single detail of your life that your share with us all. I am excited about your first race of 2009 in the Florida Gator swamp where you will sink your competion. Have a great time in Denver with your family. I will be looking forward to all the Christmas pictures.


Carla Ino said...

Seems like everyone is in "blog drought" lately. Good to see you back, and congrats on the crib. I feel you on the document gathering closing is set for tomorrow. Like Treasure said, post pics!

Enjoy your trip home, and Merry Christmas!

Miss Mooney said...

Congratulations on finding a house to your liking :) Have a blessed holiday and prosperous New Year!