Sunday, December 28, 2008

Congratulations Are In Order!!

Well, well, well......I'm sure you all know that my Dolphins are now playoff bound as the AFC East Champions!

Led by Chad Pennington, who was exiled from the Jets after they signed the severely overrated Brett Favre, we tapped Murph's Jets out 24-17.

I don't know how Favre made it to the Pro Bowl over Pennington, but Pennington will be Comeback Player of the Year. Sporano will be Coach of the Year too.

I am hoarse now from all the screaming and yelling. I hope that none of the neighbors attempted to call the police on me while I was running around the neighborhood yelling "Miami Dolphins!", hopefully they understood my feelings.

CBS tried to hate on me by playing the sorry Jacksonville/Baltimore game, but this being the technology age, I was able to watch the first three quarters on the internet until they came to their senses and put the game on TV.

Now we've got Yo-El's Ravens next Sunday in the first round. We will probably win.

In other news, my main man Lance became in engaged to his girl Eva on Christmas Eve. Good thing she said yes! LOL. Congrats man. I will be sure to post pics in 2010 from the wedding, you know I'm going to be in it.

Aub-Rida, who spent the majority of his day hating on my Dolphins, won the 2008 Come Wit It Fantasy Football SuperBowl.

He destroyed McLean 98-74 for the win.


Lady1082 said...

While I was watching the game tonight, in the back of my mind I was wondering what Mr. D.O. was doing lol. Did you see how the Jets tried to play keep away at the end thinking they would actually score a game ending touch down lol.

I hate to bust your bubble but I think the Ravens might have a chance next Sunday against the Dolphins.

Congrats to Lance and Eva "the diva", I was so excited for them when I heard the news on Friday...Of course she said yes, that man is fine... they seem like they are madly in love and they make a wonderful couple. Black love is beautiful.


Rican Hurdler said...

congrats to your sorry a$$ Dolphins. I shall cheer for them in the playoffs. but next year my Bills will be back. we just need to find an offense somewhere. ima search craigslist and ebay for them.

JACK IS BACK said...


Happy holidays

Treasure said...

Hi David... Happy holidays.
Congrats to your Dolphins.
Congrats to your friend Lance and Eva... I like both of them very much and I think they make a fantastic couple; so it is about damn time he popped the question. lol
Anyway happy almost new year!

Terica said...

I know I'm late, but Merry Xmas!! And I hope you have an eventful New Year!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Lance and Eva!

Don't shoot me, but why does Aub remind me of Ashy Larry from The Chappelle Show???

Anonymous said...

Well, D.O., the King, i have admired all your great accomplishments over the year, especially placing in the olympics, but get ready to be dethroned because Baltimore is about to kick that ***. lol

boy from bmore

Aunt Celest said...

Hey David,

Congrats on your Dolphins. Although I'm in Jersey your correct about Chad. Thanks for
sharing that beautiful picture of
Lance and Eva with us. Best wishes to the both of them. They
look like they belong together.
Aunt Celest

shanti804 said...

well i guess there is a congratulations are in order.

[ clap ]


yay to lance & eva. they so cute. ^_^

but it's great to hear good things coming into the new year.

LaLa said...

I wish I could've seen you acting a mess while watching that game.

Wow Lance and Eva look hot together!! I'm looking forward to pics of the wedding.

LaLa said...

CONGRATS too Aub as well!!

ejheat said...

Congrats to your main man Lance on the engagement with his girl Eva. They look so good together in that picture and make such a beautiful couple. I remember how wild and crazy Lance's wedding was on his tv show in the Payne wedding. Lance really got into that Payne wedding scene with the tears of joy running down his face. I really enjoy watching him on his tv show and please tell Lance that I have become a big fan of his and enjoy his acting skills and I am sure he has a great acting career ahead of him. He seems like an awesome person just like his awesome friend King David!!!!