Sunday, August 29, 2010

Another Race, Another Win, Fast Time and Meet Record!

I had another outstanding performance out in Rieti today and had a great time while I was out at the stadium as well. My fans were out in full effect and were so excited to see me from the time I stepped off the bus. It was amazing! There were about 25 teenage kids out there rocking "D.O. The King" t-shirts, that had me really crunk! Dwight Thomas and Wallace Spearmon were dying laughing, I think they were probably jealous LOL.
This meet is notorious for have great sprint and distance results and it didn't dissapoint! It was great to go out and watch Kenya's sensational 800 meter runner David Rudisha break the world record in the event and watch Jamaica's Nesta Carter run a blazing 9.78! I told Nesta when we were at lunch earlier today that he was going to run 9.7, he laughed and said I was crazy, guess I'm not looking to crazy now!

I said in my post yesterday that I should be able to challenge the meet record of 13.07 set by Colin Jackson back in '94 and I not only challenged it, I broke it with a time of 13.01. I had a great warm-up and knew I was going to run fast. I had a scare while doing my usual start over the first hurdle when I get to the competition track. When I came down, my lead leg hip flexor really tightened up on me. I was genuinely concerned because at that point, it's either you run the race or drop out right there. No time to get it looked at. I had never been in a situation like that before and I wasn't sure what to do, so I defaulted to doing what I wanted to do and that was race of course.
I think I was a little timid at the start and through the first two hurdles until I realized I was going to be cool. Nothing bad happened and once again I took care of business. My friend Ryan Wilson wasn't so lucky as he ran into a bit of trouble about half way down the track and fell pretty hard, but he's fine thankfully.

My training partner Dwight finished second, running 13.26, he's becoming consistent around that time and has been finishing second in the last three meets I've been at, so that's a good sign. Joel finished fourth, we almost got a 1-2-3 finish, hopefully next time.

My fans were waiting for me after the race to take more pictures and stuff, not sure why this guy is acting like I didn't put deodorant under my left armpit, I guess I was sweating kind of tough.

Only disappointing thing to me is that in the post race interviews they kept asking me if I was disappointed because I ran slow and didn't break the world record because everybody was running fast. I guess it is kind of cool that when I run 13.01 people think it's a slow time, that means I have been pretty successful and I'm falling victim to my own success. I did tell the press that I would have rather run 12.99 as opposed to 13.01 because I'm in love with running under 13 seconds LOL.

Everyone was telling me how fast the track is and of all the great performances, but honestly speaking, I didn't think that had anything to do with the hurdles. You better believe this track is extremely fast and if I ran the 100 or something, this would DEFINITELY be on my schedule every year! I knew it was fast when I went out for my two training sessions out here and was running in to trouble at the third hurdle while doing my starts. Rieti's track is definitely as advertised.

When I got here and saw the program from the meet, I looked at the best hurdle performances every run here and outside of Jackson's 13.07, the second fastest time ever run was 13.23 by Roger Kingdom. Every great hurdler in history has run here and no one has mustered even a 13.1 outside of Jackson's performance.

I don't go in to a race trying to beat the world record, I give myself more realistic goals such as meet records. I'm glad that people are tuning in to the event to see what I am going to run, that's really cool. I know that the event isn't probably what people really want to watch at the time because it is kind of down, but I'm glad to be a glimmer of light for us to still get some pub in the media. I go and run as well as I possibly can every race and won't be surprised if one time I cross the line under the record. Like I say, it's the record for a reason, can't force it because it won't happen.

It's been cool out here in Rieti, tomorrow, I'm heading out to Split, Croatia for the Continental Cup meet that starts next weekend. Me and Robles are going to be representing the "America" team, if he's healthy, it will be a great race for sure! Kind of ironic how sports can bring together feuding nations for one common goal. I've been looking forward to this for a while and it doesn't hurt that 30K is on the line either!


Bjorn Paree said...

Very wish words of an amazing athlete. Too bad the 110mh wasn't in the programma in Brussels (where I was). You are running fantastic with great times ; the WR can come someday but still as you say : you can not push it and it's the WR for a reason !! Good luck with upcoming races (are there any after Split ?)

Tee Reese said...

I tend to think too fast of a surface can be a hurdler's enemy just as too much wind to our backs. PLUS, when you run as fast as you do, I can't even comprehend what it's like to have that added into the mix. The year that I made the World team, '97. Indianapolis surface was a fast one and I kept breaking at each hurdle from running up on it.

Once again, CONGRATS! On an outstanding run.

BTW, Tyson Gay would have destroyed his 100m AR if he's on that track with how well he's running now. Shaking my head.

Ebony Swag said...

Hey David, congrats on a great run.

Terry B. said...

That is An Amazing time.!
You been running on such a consistent basis its crazy.!

LaLa said...

Nice post, the D.O. fans were a nice touch. Croatia is beautiful, hope you enjoy.

Joy(from SH) said...

Hi~I saw the picture.
"D.O the king"shirt is very awesome. I have designed 2 t-shirts with my friend Kathy. She wears "D" and I wear "O" and we will wear them to watch your game,when you come to Shanghai. but I love "D.O the king"shirt more.

Aunt Celest said...

Great Job!! Congrats!! Keep up the good work. Good luck with upcoming races. Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

Cai Ying(from Shanghai)Kathy said...

I'm coming.I'm the shanghai girl with glass who met you at the hotel.Please remember my Chinese name:Cai Ying,English name:Kathy.

Joy,another shanghai girl who met you at the hotel.She is my best friend!

Tonight,the Beijing time,Sep 4,22:55,and tomorrow ,Sep 5,23:00--CCTV5(China Center TV station,channel 5)and shanghai TV station,five star channel,these two channels will have the live video of Continental Cup .

Joy and I will watch DO's competition!

Enjoy yourself in the competition and performance!
I'm sure,you will be the CHAMPION!

your sincerely,
Cai Ying(from shanghai)Kathy

Anonymous said...

Very Interesting!
Thank You!