Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bridging the Hurdling Gap

Marc Middleton and his crew from "Growing Bolder" came out to the track and did a short documentary on my coach Brooks Johnson. This is a great piece they put together.

As you can see from the video, I seemed to be the only one not training the day they came out and that's for good reason, I was coming off one of my nine hour sessions at the dentist and only had a jog and stretch workout.

You can check out more from the crew at www.marcmiddleton.com and www.growingbolder.com


Nellie said...

This is a good piece

Ms.Mia said...

Wow! Awesome interview I felt like I was watching a documentary on 60 minutes. Loved how Brooks said he's trying to stop you from being a Light Bulb and be a Laser. That was HOT!! =) I'm so proud of you David. Cant wait to hear about your races in London. Go get em Chipmunk!!

Miss_NickiD said...

Ok, I usually have something positive to say but after reading your blog I have to ask: " What were they doing in your mouth for 9 hours?" I got to know.

mujozen said...

Wow...what a legendary mentor. I had never seen an interview with him before this. I loved his 'light bulb vs. laser' analogy. You are so blessed to have him in your life. 'Keep those hands out' LOL can't wait to see you race (online) this weekend. GO get it!!

Jim said...

David, congrats on your last several races. I am coaching my son and would like know a typical hard workout day door you. I am also trying to find ways to make him faster in the 110hh. He is stuck at 15.00. Any help would greatly be appreciated. Also, do you know of any coaches in southern california that I could hook him up with. He will be a freshman at a mc that does not have a track program. Thank you for your help. He is truly inspired by watching you hurdle.

Cai Ying(from Shanghai)Kathy said...

Dear DO,
I have researched the NEWS about IAAF Diamond League London on Internet,I'm so glad to know that you will have the competition.

Tonight,and tomorrow morning,02:00 at Beijing time. CCTV5 will have the live video.and tomrrow evening 22:45 will also have the live video,too.

I'm VERY happy and excited to watching DO's competition.

Good luck!
Be relax!
You are the superman!
I'm sure you will be the champion!

Cheer up!

Cai Ying(from Shanghai)Kathy

Aunt Celest said...

Great interview. What a blessing you are to each other. Good luck in London.

DCBrown said...

Great clip.
And congrats on winning another race. Few more steps to be the Diamond League Champ...and being the "Athlete of the Year".