Thursday, August 19, 2010

Went Out With A Bang...

Figuratively and literally!

I capped off my great time out here in Zurich with an impressive performance, running 12,93 (-0.4w). We were the penultimate individual event of the competition and I made the fans go crazy! That really makes me feel good that they are so appreciative of all the hard work we put in to this sport. Trust me, it is not easy going out and running fast time after time after time. As a sprinter, a serious injury is knocking on the door every training session and every race.

I got to officially wrap my hands around the championship trophy for the Diamond League. The celebration that had for us was so classy!

As I mentioned, I literally went out with a bang when I crossed the finish line. I don't know exactly what happened, but I knew something like this would be inevitable. I tend to lean so hard at the end, don't ask me why I do it either. I've never trained or practiced a lean, so I guess this is just how I naturally finish the race. Not sure if it's a bad thing or a good thing, but it works so it's cool.

Thankfully, nothing is messed up, got a couple of track burns, but I've had WAY worse turf burns playing football, so this is nothing.

I said in my previous post that I was hoping the training group could go 1-2-3, but that didn't happen. Dwight finished second in a seasons best 13.25, it's cool seeing him put the pieces together a little at a time, that's the same thing I spent years doing. Joel finished fifth in 13.31 after an awful start.
The race was pretty fast top to bottom. 13.36 got you eighth place! That's crazy.

My performance was just .01 off the meet record held by the legendary Roger Kingdom set back in 1989 which was a world record at the time. I am now equal second fastest ever at this great venue, tied with another great, Renaldo Nehemiah. His time was also a world record when he ran it.
The fans at the meet showed me SO much love! I thoroughly enjoy that. I went out on the track early for the "Presentation of the Stars" and it was so electric in the stadium already! Fans made signs for me and everything.

This blog has been taking on a life of its own and I guess the local Swiss fans are avid readers. They read about my love of chocolate, so on my victory lap, I received several boxes of chocolate. I really do appreciate the support! Like I've said before, I try to sign every autograph and take ever picture, although after a race I'm exhausted. Showing the fans my appreciation for them is equally as important as their appreciation for me.

Unfortunately, my time in Zurich has come to an end. I'm heading up to Sweden tomorrow to just chill out and recharge my batteries and train for a while. I will be running at the Continental Cup, September 5th representing the America's team. I'm not too sure if I'll be doing anything before that or not, I really hope I will because I love competing. My coach has had to reign me in this year as far as my schedule because if it was up to me, I'd be running all the time. It's pretty hard for me to deal with the fact that I can't compete as much as I use to or would like to, but I know it's for the best.

I'm going to see my number one favorite soccer team, FC Barcelona, play next week, I'm so excited to go to that. They are the reason I even started paying attention to the sport in the first place back in early '06.

I'll keep you guys posted on all the goings on out here! Stay tuned...


megs said...

Get rested and then come home and shw me that trophy!!!! I am so proud of you and I knew you could do it! Much Love, Megs

Chris said...

I thought you were going to injure yourself in that dive across the line.

You just completed the second best season ever in the high hurdles! Impressive stuff. For the record (stolen from TFN thread)

2008 Robles-- 12.87, 12.88, 12.91, 12.93, 12.95.
2010 Oliver -- 12.89, 12.90, 12.93, 12.99, 13.01.
2006 Liu -- 12.88, 12.93, 13.03, 13.07, 13.14.
2007 Liu -- 12.92, 12.95, 13.01, 13.14, 13.15.
2007 Trammell -- 12.95, 12.99, 13.08, 13.15, 13.17.
2007 Robles -- 12.92, 13.01, 13.05, 13.07, 13.11.
2003 Johnson -- 12.97, 13.06, 13.08, 13.11, 13.12.

Fabio110runner said...

Hi David, since the first time I see you running, I became your fan, and before I had the opportunity to run with in Ponce, Puerto Rico this year I fell realized not only to see you but to be in the same event with you, I don't said you to give me an autograph but I was happy for it, so, I only want to say you CONGRATULATIONS for the Diamond League, be sure that you are only starting the way to the world record, I wanna see you in top of the top's. Congratulations once again. And I hope see you again one day and run with you again jajaja....

brownbarbie said...

so i just watched the race, that was stupid crazy! glad you won AGAIN! glad you alright too!=)

Wendi said...

I feel so happy for you. Reading your blog has made me feel that I have been there with you at every race. What a Great Trophy!!! You said you wanted to be the Diamond League Champ and You Are!! You see how things can manifest themselves if you Claim it. I love to see your big bright - super duper bright-:) smile. It makes me smile too. Im glad you didnt hurt yourself with your "Flying Finish" Superman LOL.
All The Best.

Cédric Spörri said...

hey david, i hope you love the chocolate that we gave to you! It was so awesome to see you in Zürich! We wish us, that you'll come back next year! We would be there again with a chocolate for you! thank you!

Anonymous said...

hi David - Congrats on Zurich! We were visiting from the USA, my whole family watched you on TV in the UK meet and enjoyed cheering for you. Europe appreciates T&F! I was really moved by your words and attitude so I am writing.

One of my friends is going to Europe to compete next week on Team USA. He is in the Duathlon World Championship in Scotland. He is totally blind and is competing with the assistance of a sighted guide. His name is Lamar and he is super excited about competing internationally for the first time. The journey to Worlds is not nearly as glam as it sounds -- it's been a ton of grueling work, much of it admin stuff actually. If you could possibly get a chance to stop by Lamar's blog and wish him good luck, it would be huge. Thanks! and continued good health to you. Heidi

Anonymous said...

Congrats on another win :-) I never knew you had such a love for chocolate, guess you learn somethig new everday! Glad you're not hurt after that tumble, hope your'e not too scratched up, that may affect your upcoming modeling career lol! Not sure why my posts are never published... guess that will remain a mystery, it's all good though, and hopefully you continue to have an awesome season!
Vivrant Taurus

David Zumbach said...

Hi David, what a great race last night in Zürich!!! you blew our minds away...hope to see you soon again in Switzerland. wish you all the best for the rest of your season!!!

Kimmy said...

That was an awesome race and I’m happy that you won the trophy for the Diamond League. I’ve only seen you race twice and I’m convinced that you will take plenty more trophies home and break world records in the future. Congratulations and I wish you much more SUCCESS ;)

DCBrown said...

Congratulations on winning the Diamond League title. I see they put you at the top of the podium.

With the momentum you had at the end of the race, I knew the 13.24 couldn't be right...glad the correction was made. After seeing you race at the US Championship, I felt a tumble coming...good thing you didn't hurt/re-injury yourself.

I thought I had a love for chocolate/sweets...but I freak out when I'm told I have a
You are a brave soul to have THREE root canals.

Enjoy your off days and take care.

Anonymous said...

Which is the best chocolate .... Swiss, German or Belgian?

Camilla said...

You're just awesome David! Congratulations! You really deserv this!:)

Steffen said...

Hi David!
Congratulations for winning the Diamond League!
We saw you at the Meeting in Zürich and presented you with the chocolate.
“David Oliver, stop here for free chocolate”. ;-)
You are a so pleasant athlete! Taking time for your fans, autographs, pictures and just enjoying the event, which you showed once again on your victory Lap in Zürich.
That’s what you deserve for your hard work in training!
We wish you all the best!
Steffen / Meike / Frank

Aunt Celest said...

What kind of dive was that (LOL).
Thank GOD you didn't hurt yourself. You claimed it, and you got it. Congrats to you. What a wonderful year you are having. Your the best! Keep up to good work.

Claude said...

David: 2 things--1) Tell Chris that he forgot one of your 12.93s for 2010; 2) Your a phophet "WRs are called Wrs for a reason---you just dont get up and decide to run a WR! We know that for a fact now! Your speed was great, but hurdling kind of got you at Zurich. Think you had a WR rhythem, just not a WR run. It will come when least expected.


Anonymous said...

do you know where i can watch a video of the race? i missed it on TV id love to watch it!!

LaLa said...

Nice trophy! Man you have been racing plenty!!! You have to rest some time, lol. Being able to see the U.S. and traveling to other countries is a beautiful thing.