Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bronze Medal, Personal Best, All In A Day's Work!

I went out in the final of the World Indoor Championships and ran 60 meters worth of hurdles faster than I had ever run before! I stopped the clock at 7.44, good enough for the bronze medal, behind a new championship record from Dayron Robles who ran 7.34 for gold and Terrence Trammel, who finished in silver with an American record of 7.36.

To backtrack, I did not run very well in my semi final heat, finishing second in 7.61. I made a few mistakes, especially at the start. I wasn't too upset or anything because the bottom line is you have to survive and advance through the rounds. By finishing second, I grabbed an automatic spot to the final.

After going back to the warm up area, Brooks and I had the chance to work out a few things that went wrong with my trigger hand out of the blocks. It was sweeping back aggressively, but I wouldn't bring it back through, so that was the point of emphasis in the 45 minutes I had before the final. Having your coach or at least another set of well trained eyes is so priceless at major competitions like this.

So due to my lackluster semi final performance, I drew lane eight. Going in to the final I was so relaxed. My focus was to try to beat Liu to the first hurdle and just run like hell for the final four because I would be out there racing by myself. I feel like I had a good start and I ended up running a clean race. I can't wait to re watch the race.

One thing that I knew I had on my side was the fact that my second race is ALWAYS better than my first of the day. I knew only a few others in the race have displayed that ability in the past and the comparison of our times from the semi final to the final display just that. Robles dropped .22 (7.56-7.34), Terrence .15 (7.51-7.36) and myself .17 (7.61-7.44). Everyone else in the field so minor improvement.

Winning this medal was so sweet! Coming off the devastating injury last year, not doing block starts or heavy hurdling until two weeks before my race in Glasgow to coming out and winning an indoor medal and running a personal best. I couldn't have asked for more.

We have a saying that all indoors can do is show you where outdoors is at, and I'm feeling majorly confident that this will be a GREAT outdoor season! People who know the event of hurdling, know that what I do indoor definitely reflects well on what I am capable of doing outdoor because I am a last five hurdle guy, not a starter.

I'm so ready to get outdoor season poppin'!!


D. Kinney said...

Hey hey!! Congrats on the medal DO! You are absolutely right about the indoor season being a prelude to the outdoor season. Im excited to see you tear the track up this year, hopefully you will be able to change your blog title again on your own accord! Keep it up USA

ejheat said...

Congrats on your Bronze medal! So much for those so called "experts" counting you out David! That's why they DO the race over those hurdles and play the games! God is the only expert!!!! I watched both of your races live and you did what you had to DO to get the job done! You certainly used your favorite motto, as well as, me and Coach E's favorite motto of "winners find a way to win and losers find a way to lose!" You are a winner Doha David! You love to race over those hurdles in Doha and somehow Doha makes you a relaxed person! Maybe it's the fact that Doha has the first 2 letters of your initials D.O.! That deserves a HA HA HA for the other 2 letters in Doha! You really are King David in Doha! This indoor Bronze medal was a BIG win for you and for your upcoming outdoor season! Your awesome lean from your massive shoulders( Guy DOing the commenting said David Oliver's massive shoulders) was your winner move in your semifinals race to win the photofinish for 2nd place which was so important! It's not how you start but how you finish! You looked good from start to finish in the finals race for your PB time! That OOM-PA-PA DO Smacker really was the trigger finger to your success in the final race! I was so excited when you won the Bronze medal that I had goosebumps all over my body and tears of joy coming out of my eyes! You know in great detail how bad of a year I have had so far, and I felt this incredible lift in my spirits and the awesome presence of God when you won that Bronze medal! Even Coach E shed a tear for you going wild and crazy while celebrating DOing his potty dance shake, rattle, and roll, with his dirty diaper dancing on the floor, and his BIG enzyte Bob smile back in full Coach E force with his blue baton, and me, EJHEAT, did my dystonic dance with OOM-PA-PA hip swivel twist and shout yelling GOALLLLLLL! Can you hear me now? I know you heard me when you won that Bronze medal on Sunday!

The pictures are all awesome especially you and Robles! Robles was incredible in the finals race and he seems like such a cool guy! I got a lot of respect for Robles and it's so cool you and him are friends! I got to give some respect to Trammell as well! But, the bottom line is that David Oliver is my hercules hurdling hero! I'm so proud of you! Your blog father has spoken!!!!

Unfortunately, my dystonia is telling me I need to stop typing very soon! I wasn't even going to type this tonight, but I'm so dedicted and loyal to you that I did this for you on this special occasion even though my fingers didn't want to type tonight! David, you did DO it up BIG Sunday in Doha and I am so excited and can't wait until you get your outdoor season poppin'! Me and Coach E got our popcorn ready to rumble, and in Coach E's case the poopcorn, I mean popcorn, whatever, will shake, rattle, and roll in his diaper! I told you Coach E was a stinker! Meanwhile, King David Oliver is a BIG winner! That is the bottom line because excited me and Coach E said so!!!!


Patty said...

Wow congratulations! I'm so glad you over came your injury to take bronze this year! Keep it up!

Aunt Celest said...

He's Back!!! I can't wait for out-door season. Congrats to you and Trammel. Thanks for the updates and the pictures. What's Aub and Joel doing?