Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Enjoyed My Downtime!

I am coming off a much needed one week break, fully away from the sport of track and field! I thoroughly enjoy the chances I get to get away from the sport. Everyone needs a break, no matter what your profession is.

While I was over in Doha competing, one of my good friends Lance Gross had a movie come out titled Our Family Wedding (how appropriate a title, seeing he'll be in this exact position in real life in a few months!). I couldn't wait to go and check it out and it was well worth the few dollars I dropped on tickets. I haven't laughed that hard in a movie in who knows how long. Although I was interrupted by USADA while trying to enjoy the movie, had me rushing home from the theater to take a blood test, I finished watching it later on.

I am happy for him and the successes he's seeing in his career, it's funny when I think back to our days up in Drew Hall at Howard, now we can all tell our mothers "mama I made it!!", but then again, our University breeds successful people across all fields, so it's not really a shock, but I'm glad that I am able to put my name up there on that list as well as someone I'm close with personally.

Everybody should go and support my boy and get your laugh on!

I had a cool little feature in the April issue of Essence Magazine too, you know I'm in to being in stuff, so I was happy LOL. I been catching a little flack from my training partners and friends, but that comes with the territory, I'll take it, I got broad shoulders

My off time climaxed when I went to check out three of my all time favorite artists, Jay-Z, Young Jeezy and Trey Songz during a stop on the Blueprint Three Tour! I was super crunk, I copped tickets in December I think. They shut it down! I love going to Jigga concerts, I've been to four I believe and I'm on my feet the entire time, leaving the venue horse too from shouting lyrics all night!

Now my off time is over and my first few practices back have been killer, but it's cool, gotta get ready to drop these bombs during the outdoor season!!


Aunt Celest said...

Glad to hear you finally got some down time. Your right, no matter what your profession everybody needs a break sometimes. I did see the movie, and your right it was "GREAT". I really enjoyed it.
Nice shot in the magazine. I could see you in a movie (LOL). You, Lance, Aub, and some of your other buddies. Best Man part 2 (LOL). Have some good new for you.
Two of my boys made the World Youth Championship in France next year. Najee Glass 400m runner number 3 in the world for his age group, and Tyrell Gibbs 200m hurdles ranked 3 in US. They both hope to be in the olympic's one day just like you. Tyrell is looking to follow in the foot steps of you and Edwin Moses. Big shoes to follow, but at least he has a gold. Take Care

Brianna said...

i have some potential dates lined up for you from your article if you're interested. ha!

Ms.Mia said...

Look at you. Yeah, momma he done made it. Dang I cancelled my subscription to Essence over a year ago. Guess I gotta go in the store and buy it now. Proud of you Chipmunk. Good looks for you. =)

Reality said...


Don't STOP, keep ON!

You look GOOD . . .

Your truest fan,
Reality from the ATL :-)

Perchell said...

I love Essence but I never pay too much attention to the single man of the month but I just wanted to let you know that I think you are SO adorable!! And that you have amazing eyes! In your picture it feels like you are staring right at me (it gave me chills). I wish you continued success in your career and I truely hope you find love sweetheart!

Perchell Hinchen, 26
4th grade teacher
Atlanta, Georgia

LaLa said...

David my man! I have so much to say but little time. I am gonna run out and snag that Essence mag if there are any left! Can't believe I missed a month of posting but life is crazy! I mean not medal winnin, record breakin, magazine feature busy...but busy nonetheless. LOL sending you happy thoughts!

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