Wednesday, March 3, 2010

USA Indoor Champs Wrap Up

Things out in Albuquerque went as planned. I finished second in my hurdle race behind Terrence Trammell who ran a world leading time of 7.41. That finish qualified me for the World Indoor Championships in Doha, my fourth World Championship/Olympic team qualification. I still get amazed at the accomplishments I have made in my track and field career. I would have never believed all this would come about when I was in college, with no aspirations of doing anything track related as a career.

I guess I had a string of second place finishes throughout the weekend. Second fastest prelim time, second fastest semi-final time and a second place finish. I would have loved to get the win, but at the end of the day, whether you finish first or second, the wheels of the plane will touch down at Doha International Airport at the same time.

In the finals, I feel like I ran probably the best set of hurdles I've run indoors ever. I was still coming up to set when the gun went off which caught me off guard a bit and caused my start to be even worse than it usually is. I did a good job keeping my composure and made up a lot of ground and did what I had to do to make that team! I was very impressed with my lead leg action. I did not run my best race but I still had my fifth best performance indoors time wise. I was joking with Brooks, saying that my race would have been a hell of an outdoor one!

My coach has a philosophy which I have fully bought in to. If you have a great race, you're challenging the world record, if you have a good race, you win, if you have a bad race, you still make the podium/team and that's what happened this time.

Race video


Aunt Celest said...

Great Job! Keep up the good work. Stay positive. Glad that your back writting us again on your blog. Good luck when you go

Anonymous said...

kick some CUBAN ASS!!!!! you got this !!! Tell NOVS I said GREAT JOB!!!!! I know you got this buddy!!! -MEGS

meagan said...

kick some cuban ASS!!! Tell NOVS that she looks GREAT!!!

meagan said...

you got this