Saturday, February 27, 2010

USA Indoor Championships Underway Today!

I've been out here in Albuquerque, New Mexico for a couple of days now. I've done a few press conferences and interviews since I've been out here. I didn't have the opportunity to go and talk to the local kids with the Win With Integrity Program unfortunately. That's something I look forward to doing when I come to the meets in the States, but I'll have another opportunity soon.

My mom and Harold made the six hour drive down from Denver and my boys Kelvin and Murph flew down too.

I'm excited to be back at a National Championship event, I miss both the indoor and outdoor championships in 2009. I love the competition that USA Nationals brings out of every competitor.

I have one race this afternoon, and two on Sunday. This event is our qualification for the World Indoor Championships in Doha, Qatar that will be hosted March 12-14. The top two in each event make the team.

Me and Valeria will open up at 3:30 mountain time, in heat one of three. We'll be starting in lane five. I've found myself a breast cancer wristband with the word strength on it, couldn't have found a better word. I'll be racing in it.

This is a video that was played in the area on the news from the press conference.

I will update the blog after the first round, hopefully everything goes as to plan!


DK said...

lol. Thats a good clip. It had me laughing. Run well this weekend, and make sure u kick it with Gris.

LaLa said...

You get me laughin for real.

Watchin right now!

Reality said...

Boy Stop!

Giving shouts out to God! LOL

I like the phrase "God anointing me" . . .

Your for real fan,
Reality from the ATL ;-)