Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Last Stop on My European Ride

Tonight, the GE Galan in Stockholm, Sweden will be my last race in Europe during this indoor season.

Things progressed as we had hoped, so my coach and I decided to cut the trip a little short. The most important thing was for me to get back out and get the competitive juices flowing and knock some of the rust off.

If you've been checking out the blog, you know that so far after every competition, I've produced a new season's best and I hop to continue the trend out here and leave Europe with a bang.

The key will be for me to get a very aggressive warm up. This competition is just a one off race, no prelim heats before, just a straight final. Sometimes, warming up for indoor meets are usually hit or miss. Occasionally I'll be able to get over some hurdles in the warm up area, most times all you have is a small room to jog around in. Improvisation is a key, but to me a characteristic of a professional athlete is having the ability to make adjustments on the fly and I always find a way.

The field here will feature another match up between myself and Olympic Champion Dayron Robles. I think that the world leading mark will probably be lowered again tonight and hopefully, unlike in Stuttgart, it will be lowered by me!

Last time I raced in Stockholm's Globe Arena was three years ago, finishing second guessed it, but it wasn't that close, 7.48 to 7.61. At the time, that was one of my best performances indoor. Clearly, I'm not the same runner now as I was in 2007.


Wish me well! I will update after the competition


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