Sunday, February 7, 2010

Close, But No Cigar...

In the first match up of the season between two of the top hurdlers in the World, I came up a little on the short end of the stick. In the finals, I tasted defeat to Robles 7.48 to 7.49. This race just added to the list of races we've had that has come down to a tenth of a second difference.

I am pretty happy with my performance out there last night. Here's the rundown of what happened:

The night started out with the Presentation of the Stars, myself along with a other top level athletes such as Dwight Phillips, Robles, Lolo Jones, Meseret Defar to name a few, were brought out and introduced to the fans. The down side of the event was it was 30 minutes late, so instead of being at 5:30, it started at 6, and I hadn't started my warmup yet and had to be back to the track at 6:45! So instead of getting my normal hour and half or so, I had to cut it down severely. I definitely don't mind doing those presentations at all! I remember when nobody wanted to invite me to anything.

I hit a quick warmup and the luxury of having rounds is that I could just get the kinks out in the race. In the heats, I finished second, coming across the line in 7.63, behind Svoboda who ran 7.57. One of my goals was to run a good time in both rounds, but I figured that wasn't going to happen. I didn't care too much, at the end of the day, I never thought I was in doubt to make the finals, so maximum effort wasn't needed.

In the finals, Svoboda, the fastest in the heats, was in lane four, Robles in five, myself in six, Dwight Thomas, who ended up finishing third went in seven.

Clearly that side of the track was going to have the heat.

The gun went off, and I was looking at Robles back already at hurdle one. I never panic when situations like that arise, that's a position that I've found myself in plenty of times and I know how to handle myself. I slowly started making up ground during the course of the race, but we're only racing over five hurdles, so my time runs out sooner rather than later. It came down to the lean, and I caught an L by one hundredth of a second....again. I lost in '08 12.97 to 12.98 in Zurich.

I love when I race against him because we always put up good performances and you've got to be on your A game to win. 7.48 and 7.49 are the top two times in the World so far this season. I didn't accomplish everything I set out to try to accomplish but I am happy with the performance. We meet again in a few days out in Stockholm, should be another good one.


LaLa said...

Great job! Definitely a balanced outlook on your performance, keep it up D.

Watching the Reebok Boston Indoor Games now. Just saw Terrence Trammell win the 60m hurdle!

ejheat said...

Your rematch with Robles in Stockholm should be interesting! That .01 difference needs to be in your favor this time and you can DO it! I blamed the .01 difference on Coach E! In the German land where OOM-PA-PA was originated with Topnotcher, Coach E didn't have the OOM-PA-PA smacker quite strong enough on my EJHEAT king size Stuttgart rollaway bed for you for that tiny little extra push you needed to get your OOM-PA-PA and legs moving over those hurdles! I put Coach E on a 1 meet suspension without enzyte and a diaper! No enzyte Bob smile on his face just a big Coach E frown! Coach E was so caught up with his miracle on ice hat trick that he wants to get in Vancouver that he forget to make your OOM-PA-PA smacker just tight enough to help you get that win! Coach E has been real close with his shots on goal but instead of shooting and scoring, he keeps hitting the post! Close but no cigar for Coach E! Coach E better not do this again, and he better make that OOM-PA-PA smacker just right for your Stockholm EJHEAT rollaway bed or else I'm gonna take his viagra away from him too! He will go crazy if he only can take his cialis to shoot and score! He needs that hat trick diet to shoot and score!

I'm instructing my EJHEAT rules for you, Oliver, for your next race the following way: You must sleep with half your body on and off the bed so that the OOM-PA-PA smacker can work just right, and make you have sweet dreams of you moving your OOM-PA-PA, legs, and arms just right to beat Robles in Stockholm with you having the current topnothcher world leading time in the 60m indoor hurdles and me screaming GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! That looks and sounds real good! Can you here me now? Your blog father has spoken!!!! That is the bottom line because in charge me and on suspension Coach E said so!!!!