Thursday, February 4, 2010

On To The Next One...

One of my all time favorite performing artists, Jay-Z said it best. "On to the next one".

Things out in Gothenburg were truly up and down. I went out after having a positive practice the day before to perform a task and I didn't get the opportunity to do that to the full extent.

The positive was, in the prelim heats, I ran a seasons best time of 7.57. I was very relaxed and didn't push it, just tried to work on some technical things as I figured it wouldn't be very hard to make it to the next round. The second fastest time out of the heats was 7.72. I was very pleased and very excited to get the final race underway.

Here's where the bad comes in. The final gun goes off and I never get a rhythm or the chance to produce due to a fellow hurdler hitting my trail arm over the first three hurdles, knocking my balance off and I fought an uphill battle from the start. Hurdlers out there know that trail arm is where you get that power for momentum to the next hurdle and that's your balance arm.

I ended up finishing second, running 7.72 with the winner running a time of 7.70. I think it might have been early in my senior year of college the last time I had a time that slow come up next to my name. Of course extenuating circumstance existed in this race, but when we run, our results are just like a painter signing his or her name at the bottom of a painting, you have to own that no matter what happened.

I was extremely upset at the end of the race and those that know me personally know exactly how I get. I just hate wasted opportunities. If I would have run that time on my own accord, then I would have no problem with it. Even though the Samsung Galan isn't the end all, be all, I think it is important that I treat every race like it may be my last. My experiences last year made me enjoy being able to compete even more. I'm not tripping off of it any longer and my focus is now squarely ahead on my next competition.

But like I said in the opener, it's on to the next one, that next one being in Stuttgart, Germany, a place that I have had a lot of success over my career. I will blog about that probably tomorrow.


LaLa said...

It's hard to imagine someone as talented as you beating yourself up so badly. I know you hold yourself to a higher standard but as a supporter I have to say I'm happy for you in all you do. Warm hugs. :)

ejheat said...

I'm going to hold off on most of my EJHEAT humor until you write your next blog about your upcoming Stuttgart meet, and hopefully I'll have the energy, and my fingers, hands, and arms will allow me to type more than right now! I just want to say that you do an amazing job, David, painting a great picture in all your blogs with such intelligence everytime you write your blog posts for all of us to read and enjoy! You can be proud to put your name on here to all your artist blog paintings and pictures. Your blog father has spoken!!!!

I had to throw in some of my EJHEAT humor. You get upset! No, really, you get upset! You got to be kidding me! Ok, I admit I have some experience with you getting upset, and in the end, as you and I know personally, it's all good! You not getting upset about that hurdler messing you up with his outta pocket hurdling would be like Coach E living without his diaper and baton! It's not going to happen! That shows the real, true passion you have, and great pride you have in what you do on the track and in life! Positive Stuttgart success will be yours, my special friend, at your home away from home. Remember, like you say to me all the time "it's all good!" That's the bottom line because it's all good and all love me and Coach E said so!!!!