Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Train Rolls On...

I've been posting up in Gothenburg, Sweden for the last couple of days, preparing for the Samsung Gala.

This is my second appearance at this competition, last year I was able to produce a 7.56 performance. This time around I feel that I am prepared to have a better time than last year.

This picture was from the race last year, where me, Joel and Aub came 1-2-3.
I haven't done much since I got out here. It's real cold outside and snowing, so you know what that means for me...inside, in the warmth of my bed watching Slingbox all day!

I had a press conference yesterday before I went to training, that was pretty interesting. I enjoy the media for sure. Practice went extremely well yesterday, Brooks is putting a load on me though, I guess he was serious when he said we are going to train right through these indoor meets. He has a plan and as long as I stay the course and follow it exactly, it always works. I can see a lot more clearly now what the plan of action is, opposed to a few months ago.

I like being here because it is located near everything. I made a couple late night runs to 7-11 which is a 3o second walk and of course McDonald's is right next door. I don't know what it is about the food over here, but it doesn't stick to my ribs like when I eat at home! I'll eat a nice dinner, then a few hours later I'm starving like I never ate.

I also like this competition because I have a chance to run two rounds, a preliminary heat and then the final. The preliminary goes off at 6:30 local (12:30 eastern) and the final is at 9pm. I would have liked the races to be about an hour or less apart, when it is spread out like this, you tend to loose the effect of running a prelim because you have to completely warm up again and the elasticity and lubrication you got running the prelim is lost. At the end of the day, you deal with what is presented to you and make your adjustments.

I will update after the competition, wish me well!


Anonymous said...

Good luck!

KM Johnson MPLS