Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Been A Day to Forget!

The meet was some b.s. first and foremost.

They hit me with a faulty false start and I didn't even move in my blocks! After the gun went off the first time and they called us back, nobody got put out. The second time the gun went off, they kicked me out and I was totally incredulous. Usually when you false start, you know you did it, but I thought to myself "I wonder who that was on" then they put me out, I couldn't believe it. There was another false start and no one got put out, then on the fourth try, the race went off.

Everybody I saw after that, Robles coach, agents, meet people, people that watched the telecast were asking me why I got put out. They all said the same thing, "But you didn't move", they were as confused about the situation as I was.

People were saying that they would be pretty pissed if it were them, but I'm not tripping. At the end of the day, there is no recourse of action that I could have taken and there is nothing that I could have done, once a decision is made, then that is final. I don't waste my energy getting mad over stuff I can't control, just gotta shake it off and move forward. Sweden just wasn't a good look for your boy this season.

I am still in support of the new ruling that the IAAF has made. I just wish there was some sort of protocol the starters had to adhere too. In championship events, I wouldn't mind if they went back to the old ruling either. But all in all, I know what happened and I wouldn't look for it to be an issue again, but I guess I can't control that either, I HOPE that this situation will not arise again.

That was only the start of the downward spiral today.

Aub hits me up before I head to the track to inform me that the people who come to clean my pool, inexplicable broke the water sprinkler off the side of my house! So water was flooding the yard and they had to cut off the water to the house. I feel sorry for Aub and Joel because they are still training and have to find a way to take a shower. They still haven't come to fix it yet.

I then get an email stating that Continental Airlines has changed my flight from tomorrow to Sunday the 14th due to weather in Newark. I'm thinking to myself, what next? There is no way I am going to be chilling in Stockholm until the 14th, so hopefully I will find my way home on Friday because Thursday seems out of the question at this point. In the morning I will have some information I hope.

I'm glad February 10, 2010 is over and I don't have to revisit this day again. I handle adversity very well, another key trait in being a professional athlete. I treat things like this the same way I treat those 400s I have to run at practice, I just put my head down and think to myself "This can't last forever, it's got to end at some point and time!"


Niclas said...

I saw your start on tv, and you did not move, that is for sure! I got so angry (beacause i wanted to see you kick some ass and give robles a good match, wich i know you would!) But, unfortunately, the starters did a
doubtful decision.I mean, if they have a new startingrule, they have to control it in a fair way, and this is not acceptable! Anyway, you took it as a proffesional athlet and i hope this mistake are not gonna happen for you again! Thanks for a great website anyway!!


ejheat said...

It sounds like it wasn't Sweden sweetness today but Sweden sourness! I'm glad you were professional about the whole false start fiasco! I'm really proud of you! You are the best hurdler period and the world knows it! Your blog father has spoken!!!! Better this happened at this meet than at the national or world indoor championships! Get this bad luck out of your system now before these upcoming when it really counts meets! This new false start rule may just have a lot of controversy in its 1st year until they can get a consistent way to enforce this rule correctly! The best way to me is by allowing instant replay from tv coverage at the big championship meets to see who actually false started, but track and field to me at times seems to be like MLB to me at times when it comes to getting with technology and rules that make common sense! So, they might just be like MLB and screw this whole thing up with idiot decisions and not use instant replay on important situations like MLB does with their pathetic replay system!
Looks like we could have used the OOM-PA-PA smacker on these bogus Swedish officials! Coach E is on a 1 meet suspension and this happens! Yikes, Jinkies, and Zoinks! Coach E will be back in his glory for your next meet, and after he hopes to shoot and score with his miracle on ice hat trick game winning gold victory GOALLLLLLL! He gets his diapers and enzyte back too! A tough day for Coach E too! Feb 10, 2010 is a day for me and Coach E to forget too! I guess I need to get some all weather conditions flying wings on my EJHEAT rollaway beds for you to get home! Next time, sleep with half your body on and off the bed on the good other side of the rollaway bed to have the sweet dreams of success and winning! No more nightmare dreams of Swedish officials giving you the Stockholm track meet false start screw job bogus bufoonery!Instead, just great sweet dreams of you winning successful gold on my EJHEAT sweet dreams rollaway bed with hat trick OOM-PA-PA smacker! That gets an enzyte Bob smile of approval from Coach E as he got his new and improved hat trick OOM-PA-PA smacker ready for you, Oliver, that will have you burning rubber and shooting and scoring gold over those hurdles at the US indoor nationals! Coach E just got a huge hat trick enzyte Bob smile just thinking about it as he keeps yelling "I'm back," and yelling louder than ever saying,"get your OOM-PA-PA and legs moving over those hurdles Oliver" while Coach E jumps up and down in his diaper and continues yelling,"the hell with the bogus false start on Oliver, they did it because they know he would have beat Robles this time, and Oliver will bleepety bleep bleep Robles in Doha at the world indooor championships!" Coach E is EJHEAT hot under the collar right now! He is so hot that his diaper is on fire or maybe that is from all the enzyte he got reunited with along with his viagra and cialis! Looks like he had a hat trick in his diaper! Yikes, Jinkies, and Zoinks! Looks like I'm gonna have to get the OOM-PA-PA smacker out to put out those Coach E diaper hat trick flames, or maybe his falling down while trying to skate on the hockey ice rink right on his OOM-PA-PA will do that! Anyways, me and Coach E got your back, Oliver, and look out world because Oliver is more determined than ever to be the best in the world, and that will deserve a BIG screaming GOALLLLLLL when you DO it up BIG in the indoor US nationals! That is the bottom line because fired up me and Coach E said so!!!!


LaLa said...

First, I am so sorry that this happened. It must've really put you out!! (To put it lightly). Second, this event was broadcast and I didn't see it?! Grrrr. Your attitude is sublime. Big kisses and hugs.

Aunt Celest said...

I'm so sorry that you had such a bad day, but I'm glad you didn't let it get the best of you. You always take the high road.

Charlie said...

Hey David,

Was watching the Olympics the other night and you popped in my head! Came across your blog and see you've been traveling (false start, bummer!)...have u been able to catch up with the winter games? a lot going on! Interested to kno what u think? :-)

From a girl named Charlie