Wednesday, February 17, 2010

1980 Brenda Chambers

Back in her heyday, my mom was a hell of an athlete. I really wasn't aware of this fact until I was much older.

She represented the USA out in Beijing, China in the summer of 1980, the year the USA Olympic Committee decided to boycott the Olympic Games in Moscow, Russia. The USA was protesting the Russian war in Afghanistan, how funny.

A guy by the name of Barton Williams, a hurdler on the squad, forwarded me a couple pictures of my mom from the team's time out in China.

Dolly Fleetwood, Linda Forda, my mom and Barton Williams

The current President of USA Track and Field Stephanie Hightower, Gwyn Loud, Forda and Bren

Bren out in the streets of Beijing stuntin' lol
These pics are real old school, I was two years away from being born yet, I wonder if my mom has ever seen these!

Too bad I don't have any racing photos!


HighLine Image Mgmt said...

aww how sweet.. she looks exactly the same she hasnt aged a bit..

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Wow.....,I guess it is true what they say about fine wine......,"It just gets better with time".

Give Bren my regards, and hope to connect with you all at my normal pilgrimage to the Olympic Trials..., if not sooner.

Keep up the great work on and off the track.


~Lisi P. said...

Nice pics! Too cool :)