Friday, March 12, 2010

Opening Round Down, Two More To Go!

The first round went as me and Brooks planned. The objective for this round was to attack the first two hurdles and then just take it easy after that. My start was much better than it has been lately and I led from start to finish and stopped the clock at 7.60, equal fastest time of all runners today, Terrance Trammel also ran 7.60 in his heat.

I felt very good, the warm up was great and I felt so much more relaxed and loose here as opposed to when I ran in New Mexico, I think I was kind of tight for that competition. Ron Forbes was in my heat, he lived and trained with me for the '08-'09 season before moving back to Miami, it's good seeing him still competing, he also made it to the next round.

People seem to be counting me out in this competition, as they seem to believe it is just a three man race between Trammel, Robles and Liu Xiang, rightfully so, but I guess that's why we run the races and I hope to have a say in it before it all is said and done. I know I am a much better outdoor hurdler than an indoor one, but as long as we aren't doing starts to the first hurdle to decide the medals, I feel I have as good a chance as anyone to claim one of them!

I am off until the semi-finals on Sunday afternoon, the finals will be two hours after the semis. I am in the third and final heat. Until then, I will keep my eyes on the prize!!!
My training partner Novlene Williams-Mills made it to the final of the 400 which will be tomorrow afternoon. The schedule called for them to run prelims and semi-finals today! She ran 51.7 and has the second fastest time going to the finals, she'll definitely do well tomorrow!


athlegirl59 said...

I agree, people seem to be counting you out (and I don't know why...). Prove them wrong!! :p

ejheat said...

It's been a while since I commented on your blog! I want to let everyone know who reads my comments that I'm cutting down on writing my comments due to my dystonia and trouble typing! Once I type other e-mails or tweets, I'm in too much pain in my hands, fingers, and arms to type comments on here or any other blog! It's very frustrating for me, and it makes me extremely angry how this dystonia disease is not getting the help we need from our society for research to help find a cure for this horrific disease! The ignorance of our society is sickening these days! So, unfortunately, I will not be writing and typing as many funny comments as I used to on here! Sorry David, and everyone who reads my comments, but it's just getting too difficult! Your blog father has spoken!!!!

I learned a long time ago that who people think is going to win a race or game or whatever means absolutely nothing, and there is no such thing as an expert because when all is said and done people know absolutely nothing! If that was the case, then these so called "experts" would always be right, and most of the time they end up being wrong and looking like fools! God is the only expert!!!! So, David, you just go out and run your race and DO your best, and who knows, maybe you will DO it up BIG and put your 1's up in the air or maybe you won't put your 1's up in the air, but I have faith in you that you can finish in the top 3 and win a medal!

Coach E is still on vacation from his 2nd place finish with team USA Hockey and his miracle on ice! He thought he had his miracle when the game was tied with 24.4 seconds left! However, he watched the student, Sid the Kid, shatter his miracle on ice dreams in overtime! So, Coach E came up just a bit short on gold! Coach E could have used that extra enzyte with his baton in overtime! No enzyte Bob smile for Coach E, but he did shoot and score with silver, and is now working on the potty dance with his new shake, rattle, and roll with his dirty diaper dancing on the floor! Me and Coach E have a way for you to get off to a good start from now on starting with these last 2 Doha indoor races, and your upcoming outdoor season with the invention of the OOM-PA-PA DO Smacker in the blocks! That will get your OOM-PA-PA moving, Oliver, real fast out of the blocks! That deserves an EJHEAT GOALLLLLLL! Can you hear me now? Doha has been good to you before and why not again on Sunday?! David, you can DO it up BIG in Doha! That is the bottom line because "We've Only Just Begun" me and Coach E said so!!!!


~Lisi P. said...

Thanks for sharing your experience!! Sending you luck from O-town!!