Tuesday, March 9, 2010

World Indoor Champs Action!

As I type this post, it is a little after 10pm local time, an eight hour time difference from the cozy confines of the first house on Emerald Green Ct. My body is almost in shut down mode.

The internet is pretty spotty in our apartments, but nonetheless, I got some action! The downside is that I don't know how much of my Slingbox I will be able to watch while out here, so I am going to be WAY out of the loop. Constant Blackberry messages to Aub will keep me slightly up to date.

I left home Sunday at 4:30 and arrived here in Doha at 7pm Monday evening. Most of the U.S. team arrived here last Thursday, I felt that ten days ahead of the final was far too much time to be in this environment personally. I would have been here stir crazy, plus I know my personal countdown, seeing that this is the fourth year I have made the trip out here to Doha to compete in some capacity.

Usually I would get here on Monday night and have to race Wednesday night. With that in mind, I have produced times of 13.14, 13.09 and 12.95 outdoors with that schedule. Granted this is a championship, but I try to treat every meet just like it's a regular competition, no need in trying to reinvent the wheel right? I travel well so I'll be fine.

The athletes village they have here is the best village I've been in out of all the team I made. We are in apartments, high jumper Jesse Williams is my roommate here, feels funny because this is the first team I've been on without my boy Kenta Bell.

The facilities are great here, real state of the art. The amazing thing is that gas cost 33 cents a gallon! I really need to fill up a couple of barrels and bring them back with me to the States!!

My first round goes off on Friday afternoon, I'm feeling great and ready to compete. I will have a pre race update before we go off.


LaLa said...

So exciting! Pics and video please.

Aunt Celest said...

Good Luck! I'm with LaLa, Pics and video please. Thanks for the update.

~Lisi P. said...

Good luck!!