Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Changed Over to the Dark Side...

I thought that I would never make the switch from a PC to a Mac, but as I type this post up, I am writing it on my new MacBook Pro.

Due to the issues I was running in to with my faithful Toshiba computer over in Asia this past trip, I figured it was time for a change.

My boy Kenta Bell and I are posted up in Sacramento in preparations for the California Relays this weekend, so the first stop I made was to the local Best Buy to check out computers. The first question I asked the guy was "what is the best computer you guys carry that is 13 inches or under?" His instant response was "MacBook Pro". To me, his response was too quick, so I went and asked another associate working in the camera area and she said the same thing. So I went back and engaged in about a half hour conversation with the first guy because I had tons of questions. I figured if I was going to make a switch this drastic (lol), I needed to be pretty thorough with this information. After conversing with him, I was convinced this was the right move.

To my pleasant surprise, the adjustment to this machine wasn't as difficult as I initially thought and I am loving the fact that the time it takes this computer to turn on in about 30 seconds, not all that loading up time with a PC. I'm loving how the computer works like an Ipod touch as well, you can operate everything from the trackpad.

I can't wait to figure out the ins and outs of the MacBook as well as other nuances of the computer. I'm happy now with my decision, I hope it stays that way. Now I have to cross my fingers for my slingbox action to be set up properly when I get home, if that doesn't work, this thing is going right back to the store!


Aunt Celest said...

Thanks for sharing that information with us. I'm not up-to-date with modern technology. Now at least if anyone talks about this Mac note pad I won't be completely lost (LOL).

antpruitt said...

I have no prob with Mac's. they are GREAT machines and much safer from malware. I am definitely a pc guy since i like gaming and that's my tech life I live in supporting.



Anonymous said...

hey oliver...its tori.
i want u 2 know ur a great person n i kinda look up 2 you now. i lik how im on the front page..u started a new chapter in my life and im looking forward 2 moving tori mason