Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Colorful Daegu Pre Championships Meet

It was a very long 26 plus hours worth of traveling that took me from Orlando, Florida at 6am Sunday to San Fransisco to Seoul, Korea and finally arriving at my hotel in Daegu, Korea at 9:30pm Monday evening.

I am competing tonight out here at the site that will host our World Championships in 2011. It hasn't been the most pleasant of weather out here, as it has been overcast and raining non stop since I got here.

Mr. Sandman has been on me so tough since I arrived. I think I might have been up for all of eight hours on Tuesday, I slept that entire day away. When you think about it, all of our sleep patterns are off a bit. Saturday night, didn't sleep because with flights leaving at 6am, you had to be up and moving my about 3am and Sunday, whatever sleep you caught on the plane was what you got for that night.

The hurdle race out here is going to be super hot!

Dayron Robles, Cuba- World Record holder, Olympic and World Indoor Champion will be opening his season.

Ryan Brathwaite, Barbados- 2009 World Champion from Berlin

Allen Johnson, USA- Arguably the greatest 110 hurdler of all time

David Payne, USA- 2008 Olympic silver medalist,

Dwight Thomas, Jamaica- Duel threat, 4x1 relay medalist and has run 13.16

and of course:

No one is going to have the rest overlay on anyone else in the race honestly. We all were on the same flight to Daegu, so whoever travels the best and maximized their recovery will do well.

I don't have a particular time goal in mind, I'm going out to get the win straight up. Although we aren't all as fit as we will be in the next coming months, this will still be one of the best fields assembled this season hands down. Terrence Trammel was suppose to run, if that happened, you would have had every global medalist from the last three majors ('08. '09, '10) in the field.

Hit yall with an update after the competition.


habadabadoo said...

Hey congrats on the win man, just watched you know and then just discovered this blog.
Robles looked a lil outta shape. Y'all need to bring u.s track back!

LG said...

Always good to see a representative from the MEAC doing BIG things in track and field. Congrats on the win! Stay humble and keep progressing!!

Coach Givens-Coppin State University

Aunt Celest said...

Just keep on, keeping on. Congrats!! What a line up!!

Joboy Quintos said...

Good job!

Elika said...

I just the vid. Dang, you can batter it out.haha Good race though, you have to be tough.