Thursday, May 20, 2010

Colorful Daegu Post-Meet...Finally

Due to my computer being on the fritz Wednesday night after the meet, I couldn't update the blog with the post race review, now that I am in China, I am encountering issues due to the inability to access various websites including my blog, I'm sure it's probably because of government restrictions.

Now I have taken the circuitous route in updating the blog, thanks to the services of the Sub 13 Enterprises technical director McLean Cromer.

Wednesday night was a good night on the track for me, as I won the competition, defeating a pretty good field and ran a new world leading time of 13.11 (-0.2w). That time was also good enough to better Liu Xiang's previous meet record of 13.14 set in 2006. Any time you can take his name down off of a meet record, things are looking good.

Although the race was good from the standpoint of getting the win and running a decent time, it left a few things to be desired. I came out of the blocks squatting and not with my hips up, that in turn threw my first two to three hurdles off. That is a mistake that I make from time to time and I have really been trying to get that corrected, but I'll just spend a bit more time being conscious of it when I'm at practice.

On the flip side, I was impressed with my ability to break up the race and accelerated at the predetermined gear change zones. My last half was good. I never pressed during the competition either, which is easy to do when you know the caliber of the guys you are running against. It is very important to have supreme confidence in what you are doing and always feel that if you do your "stuff" the way you've been trained to, you'll always be in a position to have a shot at winning.

My training partner Dwight Thomas found himself on the podium again, finishing a strong third. That epitomizes what the basics of having a training partner is. When you come to a meet, the two of you should always finish on the podium baring something disastrous. So far at the three meets we have been at, we've finished 1-2, twice and 1-3 the third time. It's hard to finish 1-2 when you've got the world record holder and Olympic champ sandwiched between you, but I'm sure Brooks will be fine with the performances.

110m Hurdles Final
19 May 2010 20:25 Wind : -0.2m/s
1 David OLIVER USA 13.11 CR
2 Dayron ROBLES CUB 13.26
3 Dwight THOMAS JAM 13.40
4 David PAYNE USA 13.52
5 Tae-Kyoung PARK KOR 13.67
7 Allen JOHNSON USA 13.81
8 Hyeon-Woo LEE KOR 14.38

I have now traveled to Shanghai, China for a race this upcoming Sunday. I will shoot an update before the meet if I can!


Aunt Celest said...

I'm so proud of you. You speak it,
claim it, and good for it. Congrats, and best wishes to you and your training partner. Thanks for the update. Keep the good new flowing.