Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Golden Birthday!

Today, my adorable nephew Khamari turned 5 years old! His birthday is 05/05/05, so it's his golden birthday. Man how time is flying. I miss him and my family a lot, being around maybe seven days out of the year is tough, especially times like birthdays and Mothers Day. They will have a big party for him this weekend probably over at Gramma Joyce's house, them kids will be tearing something up for sure!

Happy Birthday Mari!!


~Lisi P. said...

Too cute!!!

Aunt Celest said...

He is so cute!! He's growing fast. Thanks for sharing your picture with us. Happy Belated birthday to you. Happy Mother's Day to your mother and sister. Happy birthday to Mari. Enjoy the party and being home with your family.

LaLa said...

He's adorable. Just saw my nephews last night. The 3 year old calls me today and asks me if I'm coming over cuz he loves me. I just melted.