Saturday, December 22, 2007

In Denver For Christmas Action!

I've been back in Denver for a couple of days now and I've had a wonderful time. I was in dire need of this six day break too. Practice has been very tough, I'm sure Brooks had it that way so that we could get the work in before everyone went their separate ways for the holidays.

I didn't pass go, I didn't collect $200 before I was back at the dentist the first morning I was here. We definitely don't need a repeat of last summer when it comes to these teeth. Nothing was wrong though, which is a plus. I have become a poster child in my house in Orlando of not procrastinating on seeing the dentist. Big Aub's mom hit him with the "you remember what happened to David last summer" guilt trip to get him to schedule an appointment.

I'm having a great time hanging out with my family and friends, I hadn't seen my brother since last Christmas, so we've been having a ball. Of course my nephew is getting bigger by the day it seems.

One of the highlights of my trip so far was getting to see my Nuggets in action against the Houston Rockets. K hooked us up with some great seats, it was a hell of a game too. We pulled it out by one point in double overtime. K and his brother DJ were going for the Rockets and had a whole lot to say during the game, but afterwards they had the serious "church mouth" (meaning they were quite for those that don't get it). 'Melo and A.I. are killing this year, all I hope for is that we don't catch a first round exit out of the playoffs again for the fourth straight year.

I plan on getting in two workouts while I'm here, I got one in on Friday and I was hurting. I forgot about this thin air up here. I did the treadmill workout because it was snowing and it was tap out city for me. I plan on getting another one in on Monday.

I don't have too much of anything planned, I'll probably go out tonight, it's a friend of mine from Howard's birthday, so we'll see what's up with that. I've had all my Christmas shopping done for well over a month, so I'm not worried about that either. I'm just going to sit back and enjoy some of this good home cooked food (but not too much), and rest up because it's going to get even more serious out on the track when I get back.