Thursday, December 13, 2007

Is It A Black/White Thing? The Release of the Mitchell Report

Well with Major League Baseball's release of the Mitchell Report, the shocker has to be the name of Roger Clemens being involved. Roger Clemens is "white" America's superstar in the same sense of Brett Favre in the NFL. Now I am interested to see if the media and the public will take Roger Clemens to town the same way they have Barry Bonds over all these years. Will they want to put an asterix next to Clemens' 300 wins or 4,000 strikeouts? We will see, but I think that somehow this might not get as much attention as Bonds. I say that because as I sit here and watch ESPN, it is being spoken about, but so far there hasn't been massive coverage dedicated solely to Clemens like there was for Bonds. I do firmly believe that there are double standards in American media coverage of athletes. I'm pretty sure that if it was released that it was Barry Bonds instead of Clemens, the media would be KILLING him and condemning him to jail. It is early on, so we shall see if people are asking if Clemens now belongs in the Hall Of Fame or if they try to crucify him as well.