Sunday, December 9, 2007

"Money" Mayweather = G.O.A.T.

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is my favorite boxer of all-time, and the display he put on last night was classic. It took him his standard 3 to 4 rounds to figure out what his opponent is going to try to accomplish for the night. I was calling a TKO in the 8th round but it happened two rounds later. I don't know what fight Howard Letterman was watching to have the fight scored the way he did. I definitely didn't think that Hatton's corner would ever throw in the towel, that was a shock.

Anyone who actually thought Ricky Hatton had a shot at defeating Floyd simply falls in to one of three categories: 1) You were watching too much 24/7 on HBO, 2) You're a Floyd Mayweather hater or 3) Both.

I like Mayweather because he is a polarizing figure. I like the flash and the trash talking he does, it's mainly entertainment, but most people don't and they allow that to cloud their judgment when it comes to the battle between the ropes. He said it best when he was on HBO, "I don't put my life on the line everytime I step in the ring just to drive one pickup truck, throw darts and drink beer." I don't blame him because if it were me, I would be enjoying the very finer things in life too.

His performance last night directly relates to what Brooks constantly tells us. Mayweather dominates the critical zone of his fight, the same way Brooks is coaching us to dominate the critical zone in our individual races. When it gets late in the fight, you can see that Floyd is the better conditioned boxer and he executes his game plan the best. If you watched 24/7 on HBO, you could see that Hatton seemed to have a lot of confidence, but at the end of the day, it's not about confidence, it's about competents and no one cares how you feel, it's about execution. Floyd Mayweather demonstrates that above all better than anyone in the game right now.

Brooks also tells us that the best indicatior of future behavior is past behavior. I don't know what people saw in Mayweather's past performances that led them to believe that he couldn't prevent Hatton from attacking his body the same way he neutralized De La Hoya's much ballyhooed jab. I hope that last night is his last fight because people don't want him to stop until someone knocks him out and I hope he goes out on top, that's a privilege that a lot of athletes aren't afforded.

Finally, I hope it's a very long flight home for the Hatton fans back to the England. After they came over here and booed the entire National Anthem, if you didn't have a sense of patriotism when Mayweather knocked Hatton senseless in the 10th, I don't know what's wrong.