Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Life and Times of D Dot Oliver

I've been out of commission as far as the blog goes, so to all of the people that read this, the three maybe four people, I would like to issue an apology.

Things have been going great lately, training has been moving smoothly, no injuries, but I have had to tap out of practice a couple of times because my shins were bothering me, I know first hand that that's not a problem you want to have long term, so I always call it a day when they flare up. I've had a couple of 'indicator workouts' and I am a little ahead of the pace I was on at this point last season, so that's a plus.

The house has been off the hook too, a lot of comedy there. One of the more recent debates at the house was over the dishes in the kitchen and we had it last night. Let me give you the background on it. Aub and myself always wash the dishes we use as soon as we get done so they don't pile up. Snake and Joel on the other hand do them when they feel. It came to a head because it was getting out of hand and we had to call them to task on it. Snake didn't have very much to say aside from the obligatory "those aren't mine" statement, but Joel, if you know him, you know he's going to want to debate about something, so his argument was basically this, first came the "those aren't mine", then came the "those are Marisa's" (she's been gone for well over two weeks) then the "well I let them pile up because I want to run the dishwasher". Me and Aub then stated that running the dishwasher a lot will run up the utilities bill. Here's the dialog:

Joel: I don't see why we don't just put them in the dishwasher and run it, sometimes I pull out a fork and it still might be dirty.

D.O.: You get dirty stuff out of the dishwasher too.

Aub: Hey, none of us run for the paralympics, we have two hands and two strong biceps to wash the dishes when we use them. Plus I don't think we should be running up the utilities, running the dishwasher is not needed, if there were no dishwasher the dishes would still find a way to get done! (I started dying laughing when he said this)

Joel: Well Aub, you run up more electricity than everybody because your room is bigger than mine and you play Xbox 360 all the time and that is not needed.

(Here comes the funniest, most bass actwards thing I have heard in a while, part 1)

Aub: How do you figure I use more electricity?

Joel: Because your room is bigger, when you turn on the light it has to light up more square-footage in your room than mine!

(I lost it at that point, I was in the living room giving myself cramps I was laughing so hard.)

D.O.: The dishwasher runs up a lot of water as well.

(Here comes the funniest, most bass actwards thing I have heard in a while, part 2)

Joel: Well you and Aub have your own bathroom with a shower, so you guys use up more water.

D.O.: What?! I always thought that rather you take four showers in four different bathrooms or four showers in the same bathroom that it was all the same, what makes this any different?

Joel: Because I own a condo in Ohio, I know.

D.O./Aub: You got it then.

That's just a piece of our most recent conversation, but we went on to debate about when we should change the air conditioning air filter to what temperature the a/c should be on. It's always fun and I can't wait to do it again.

Today, I had a surprise waiting for me after practice, (drum roll please) USADA (U.S. Anti-Doping Agency) was sitting in my living room waiting for me as soon as I walked through the door. I was hoping it was for Aub or Joel, but I knew it was for me. When you see them coming you have already resigned yourself to the fact that you are going to be here for a while. It's sort of like those Snikers commercials, the "Not going anywhere for a while" campaign.

Anyone that knows me, knows I usually will go to the bathroom maybe three, four times an hour sometimes, so I shouldn't have any problems with this. I must have performance anxiety when they come around or something because this drew out for close to two hours.

I had already used the restroom right after leaving the weightroom. The bad thing about it was they came to the track but we had already left to go move some weights around and they neglected to come to the weightroom like they usually do. The guy told me he didn't think we would be in there so he didn't check.

I always come home and want to hop right in the shower after a workout, so as I get ready to get undressed, he came in and told me he had to watch, so I then was like, well, it ain't that type of party so I'll just have to wait. Everything went smoothly after that, add in another debated topic about Snake not having a valid excuse for missing practice today, but I need to send him a thank you card, because if he wasn't at home already, he couldn't have let the USADA people in and they wouldn't have been able to get to me, therefore they would have hit me with another missed test.


KreativeMix said...

LMAO!!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

It's never a dull moment with you and your house mates!

Brianna said...

I am literally LAUGHING OUT LOUD. If I didn't know y'all personally, I would swear you made that conversation up but I am pretty sure it happened exactly as you say it did.

On another note...write more often you dingbat. I hate checking people's blogs and they haven't updated in like 5 years. I am one of the 3 people that will read whatever you write.