Friday, March 21, 2008

10 Hurdles......WOW!!

Today was the first time I had seen 10 hurdles at 42'' lined up since my last outdoor meet last season! It went halfway decent, I ran 13.48 (-1.1w) and won my heat. My training partner John McDowell was second in 14.13, I'm happy for him because he had been hurt and training off and on since the middle of October. Aub-Rida and Joel were in the second heat, Aub won with 13.73 (-1.9w), Joel ran 13.95, he hurt his ankle and won't run the finals tomorrow, but he'll suck it up, tape it up and help out the rest of us and run a leg in the shuttle hurdles for us tomorrow morning.

I felt like I hit a wall around the seventh hurdle, Brooks said he was happy with the race because my technique looked excellent and all we have to do is, and I quote, "get my fat ass back in shape." I told him I guess it wasn't like the opener last season, he replied "Well you are three weeks behind in training compared to last year, you didn't have the week before, during and after World Indoors basically off and you were able to train, plus you had an aiding wind."

Tomorrow we get the party started in the shuttle hurdles, it will be me to Rida to Joel to JMac, at 11:15am, then the finals of the 110's at 2:00pm and the 200 at 2:20. I'm not sure if I will still do the 200, I might not have any gas in my tank after the shuttle hurdles, but we will see.