Monday, March 31, 2008

Back From Bermuda

Man, I wish the whole Bermuda Triangle thing was true. I was only there for a few days, but I jammed everything in to those days. We were there as guests to help kick off the country's big running week, Brooks and I hosted a camp Friday and Saturday, they had a two mile run on Sunday that saw a huge turn out, a half marathon on Monday and it finishes off this weekend with the big track meet for the juniors. They took care of me very well, they had me in a suite at the Fairmont Hotel, I ate very well and met some very insightful people within their athletics governing body.

Saturday, I was up and out of the hotel by 9am and didn't return for any substantial amount of time until around 3am. I did the camp for the kids until noon, came back and got a massage, showered up, ate lunch. Lunch was the last time I had seen Brooks until we left too. He didn't sleep Friday night, and was tapped after the camp Saturday. After lunch, I spent five hours in town where I went and worked on my tan at the beach and went rock climbing. I took some nice pictures from where I was on top of the rock. I had dinner at a very nice Italian spot, we sat in the restaurant for at least three and a half hours, went back to the hotel, showered and hit the club. I told them not to take me to the spots that the tourists go to, I want to go where the local cats hang out, because I was sure it would be far better music. It definitely was poppin' in there! I was hitting this drink called a dark n stormy, I had to bring the mix back to the house. All in all, I had a helluva time and sure didn't feel like coming back here and getting back to reality.